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Benefit Of A VoIP ADSL Phone

For many people when they decide that they start making phone calls over the Internet they could see that it is a huge challenge. That is when they need to know about the different benefits of owning a VoIP ADSL phone. Once they have knowledge that is available on the benefits of owning this they [...]

How to Connect VoIP Phones to a Router

Many people are confused by the various interconnections required to set up a VoIP phone system. It’s not really difficult at all. The only problem is that without experiencing it first hand, it’s a bit tough to visualize. In this article, we take a look at a typical VoIP wireless router and explain how it [...]

Types of VOIP Services Available to Improve Your Customer Service

There are many reasons for a company to decide on a VoIP solution either to replace their existing Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) or to start from scratch. One big reason of course, is the cost. Not having to pay nearly as much for telephone calls and paying just a few cents a minute for [...]

How To Make an International Call Using VoIP

One of the strong points about VoIP is its flexibility. While with the PSTN system, there is just one way to do certain things – such as making an International call for example – and that way is well known. With VoIP, there are many approaches depending on your preference, the type of VoIP system [...]

Being Wary of VoIP Security Issues

It’s no secret that VoIP requires a lot of active management. One of the reasons for this is that since it’s still an emerging technology, we don’t fully understand all the various issues that can crop up and ways of dealing with those issues haven’t been standardized yet. The old PSTN system has been around [...]

How Exactly Does a VoIP Phone Work?

In order to use Voice over IP (VoIP), you need hardware that is different from that used in PSTN phone lines. Those who have used services such as Skype and Google Voice for example, know that we need a computer with a microphone and speaker set. Our regular phones are wired into the Plain Old [...]

Handful Tips When Looking For A VOIP ADSL Phone

A VOIP ADSL phone is one of the leading innovations when it comes to telecommunications today. It has swept the industry off its feet with its greater advantages and its fast speed. Business owners want more of this telecommunications line, and if you too, are interested, I have a couple of things to show you. [...]

All About SIP Forking

One of the great benefits of VoIP especially when it’s implemented using SIP is that it can be configured almost indefinitely to the specific requirements of the customer. The architecture of the SIP system is loosely based around the way the web itself works. We have a client and a server with each performing their [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VOIP

With VoIP becoming a more popular choice for businesses globally, many consumers haven’t yet made the choice to switch. This is mostly because they’re happy with their current service and are either unaware of VoIP or don’t know how it will benefit them. This article attempts to explain both sides of the issue and talks [...]

SIP Trunking Vs Hosted PBX

With VoIP taking a greater hold of the communications infrastructure especially in business, the question of which delivery model is heating up. Unlike the regular phone industry today, there isn’t a set standard for how to go about it. Businesses are experimenting with various models and it’s quite possible that we’ll end up with a [...]

How Using VOIP Is an Advantage to Your Business

VoIP has been gaining rapid adoption in the market over the past few years. If we can be sure of one thing, it’s that large corporations will do anything to save on their expenses if they can. This is why hardly any major business exists that still relies on regular PSTN systems for its communication [...]

An Open Source Call Center May Be Able To Encourage New Customers

There are those that contend an open source call center is essential for customer service. There are times when it seems to take forever to have a call answered. When listening to the ringing of the phone at the other end, the caller feels as though he or she will never get through and therefore [...]

Increasing Communication Productivity Using VoIP

We’ve been seeing for a while how VoIP can decrease the costs for a company and how a hosted PBX specifically can reduce the hassle of maintaining a communication system. However, one of the issues with VoIP as of now is that most of the calls to the outside world are to PSTN phones and [...]

VoIP and Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Home phone set ups are completely different from those found in a business. Of course, there’s nothing which says we can’t use the same setup, but due to the way a business functions we can make many components more efficient. One of these components is the physical line that comes into the office. With home [...]

All About IP Phones

IP telephony is an advanced technology that enables audio, video, wired as well as wireless communication, through the use of Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Internet Protocol Phone or IP phone offers a host of benefits like cost savings, scalability, less initial investment, improved performance etc.There are three different types of communication connections possible in IP [...]

The Possible Consequences of VoIP Misuse

As in everything else in life, the fast-evolving VoIP technology brings about both opportunities and challenges that users must face in equal measure. Most of the opportunities that can be gained from VoIP are well-discussed, as these relate mostly to improvements in business processes that lead to minimized telephone expenses, heightened productivity and ultimately, increased [...]

Making Sure Your Network Is Ready For VoIP

As VoIP technologies continue to evolve and improve, more businesses are opting to join the bandwagon and migrating to more cost-efficient and flexible broadband telephony. Most of these companies consider the cost factor as the main attraction for getting into VoIP, though the possibility of converged and streamlined operations that VoIP brings along makes the [...]

How to Set Up a VOIP System

VoIP systems can be set up in many ways. In fact, that’s one of its greatest strengths though sometimes the diversity can be confusing in which case many people call it a weakness. The truth is that depending on the type of set up you have and your needs, your VoIP architecture will and should [...]

How Much Bandwidth Is Necessary For a Clear VoIP Connection?

One of the greatest concerns about VoIP is that there won’t be sufficient bandwidth for clear voice calls. This is an old fear and one that is prevalent since the early days of VoIP. The truth is, it all depends on what codec you’re using since most users these days have bandwidth that far exceeds [...]

Problems Faced When Using VoIP

There are still a few wrinkles which need to be worked out in VoIP mainly because it’s a relatively new technology and the standards for its operation haven’t been set yet. Businesses and retail users have very different patterns of VoIP implementation and the problems faced by the two are different. In this article, we [...]