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How to Prepare when Hosting a Video Conference

You have decided to hold a video conference for your small business or have been assigned this duty from your boss. You are excited to try something new and reach out to others in this innovative, fun manner. Yet, there is nervousness in your stomach and your palms are sweaty. You aren’t quite sure how [...]

Should You Pay for Video Conferencing Services?

Now that there are extremely popular video conferencing services like Skype available, some people are wondering if they should continue to pay for video conferencing. The logic of many would argue that you should never pay for something that can be gained for free, but this logic falls short when applied to the market or [...]

An Introduction to Video Conferencing

The concept of video conferencing started to catch on with the mainstream public with the wide popularity of Skype. Today, you can find teenagers joking around with their friends on Skype as well as business colleagues comparing notes and joining forces on important and costly decisions. The phenomenon of video conferencing started with years ago [...]

Video Conferencing for Business & Pleasure

If you have a webcam or some type of computer-connected camera, you can get online and meet with people from all around the world. Technology has definitely opened up new doors in recent years, and one of the biggest developments has been online video conferencing. Through the use of websites equipped with special technology, you [...]

3 Ways Video Conferencing Can Help Your Small Business

Video conferencing is now at the heart of all large businesses. Multi-national corporations are now using these services to allow businessmen and women from different offices around the country and even the world to communicate without expensive travel. This has saved billions of dollars for large companies, but as a small business you don’t have [...]

Video Conference Basics

Whether you have taken part in a video conference before or if you have not, there are a few basic essentials that you should know as more and more companies are leaning towards video conferencing. First off, many people sometimes are a little bit confused as they may assume that video conferencing and video phone [...]

Start Utilizing Video Conferencing Today

Have you recently moved to another city or state, or possibly even country, and desire to communicate with those closest to you? Or perhaps you are the owner of a business that makes many different offers or has many meetings via video conference? If so, you should know that there are a large variety of [...]

Video Conference – Utilizing Futuristic Technology

Video conference equipment is being utilized by more businesses today than ever. The growth of this technology is expected to rise significantly over the next few years. Much progress has been made in just the past couple of years in the video conferencing industry. It makes communicating all over the world faster and easier. There [...]

The Video Conference Provides a Window To the World for Any Business Organization

Video conference has become the norm and the standard for business practices all around the world. It saves time, energy, and mostly travels expenses. There is no longer an immediate need to bring people from different parts of the country or even the world face to face to hold a meeting. Your meeting can take [...]

Save Money by Talking Worldwide via Video Conference Calls

If you ever watch movies from the 1950s and the 1960s that are supposed to be futuristic in nature, you always find that they depict communications occurring via video conferencing calls. This depiction, often shown in the 1980s and the 1990s were depictions of clean clear real time video conferencing between two people. The reality, [...]

Video Conferencing Bridges Gaps in Communication

Video conferencing is being used in business and corporate settings at an increasing rate. It uses video and audio to bring individuals at separate locations together for a conference or meeting. The capabilities are endless. It can be utilized by as few as two people in different offices to an entire auditorium of individuals linked [...]

The Benefits of Video Conferencing for Corporations

Video conferencing is starting to become the leader in conferences around the world today within most business and corporations. When video conferencing is used effectively it offers many features and benefits to all of the participants. In some cases, video conferencing actually offers more benefits than a traditional conference as it is equipped with many [...]

The Many Uses of Video Conferencing

It used to be that when people who weren’t in the same area needed to meet, they had two options. They could either travel to a central location, or they could meet by telephone. This remained true well into the eighties and early nineties, but has since changed thanks to video conferencing. Not sure exactly [...]

Video Conferencing in Business, Education and for Personal Use

Video conferencing is fast becoming a popular tool for face-to-face communication across distances. Though it is primarily used in the business community, there are other areas that would benefit greatly if video conference were used more readily, such as education and personal communication. Listed below are some of the benefits each of these fields reaps [...]

SIP Trunk Protocol

An SIP trunk is a way for companies to leverage their existing PBX systems to enable IP communication with the outside world. Unlike small businesses who can opt for a hosted VoIP solution from the start, large companies already have a telephone system that works and is integrated with the organization. Most firms will balk [...]

E-mail Deliverability Support

In today’s world, e-mail is one of the most popular marketing tools that delivers result for your business, while adding a touch of personal interaction with the customers. The end-users can include anyone from past clients, colleagues, random leads, friends, etc. as all these people collectively form your prospective client-base and of course those who [...]

School and Business Video Conferencing

Technology has changed the face of how consumers do business in the 21st century. From conference calls, to instant messenger chats, to Blackberries, technology has helped bring people closer together, and offered businesses the ability to connect 24 hours a day seven days a week. Years ago, businesses would hold meetings where everyone was present [...]

Advantages of Video Conferencing for Businessmen and Students

There are many advantages to video conferencing. From a student’s stand point, one advantage is taking classes at home which sometimes can’t be avoided especially for those who live far away. For businessman, video conferencing saves the business money on air tickets and other travelling cost. Sometimes when a student lives far away, they don’t [...]

The Many Benefits of Video Conferencing for Businesses and Schools

Many schools and businesses are now utilizing video conferencing because of its many benefits. Getting a large group of people all together in one room can sometimes be difficult because of schedule conflicts. It is much easier to connect via video in times like this. There are many other reasons to use this technology besides [...]

Video Conferencing: A Grossly Under-Used Tool

Video conferencing was once a vision for the future. That is no longer true, as this technological advancement is used today in many industries as a means of sharing information across long distances as well as in education for “virtual field trips”. Unfortunately though, neither business nor school has used video conferencing to its full [...]