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Navigating On A Wakeboard

One of the most important parts of wakeboarding is being able to move around with ease on the waves. The act of getting up can be one of the trickier parts, but being able to navigate around behind the boat is also very important in nature. In order to move around with ease, there are [...]

Choosing the Right Skis for You

Skiing is an outdoor activity that countless people enjoy every winter. The sport provides a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while getting physical exercise. This type of outdoor equipment has been in use for ages. They were in use by the peoples of Scandinavia since about 5000 BC. A famous story tells of a [...]

Improving Your Rock Climbing Skills

Rock climbing has grown in popularity over recent years. For many it is an exhilarating experience to conquer a pitch. Being successful as a climber, whether indoors or out, requires the development of skills. Practicing these techniques will allow an individual to improve. Climbing requires one to be in good physical condition and to be [...]

Applying Rock Climbing Technique

One of the most important parts of rock climbing is knowing how to apply technique to the activity. This is because the sport is a very physical one, and it is a technical one as a well. Although brute strength can certainly aid the participant in making the ascent up a face, there are still [...]

Getting Better At Diving

One of the most basic sports options available is diving. The physical act is simple in concept, but becomes more complicated when taken in the context of how effective the action is. The sport requires skill and precision that belies its simplistic nature. Learning how to dive effectively requires practice and dedication, as well as [...]

Swimming For Fun And Fitness

One of the best ways to get into shape while having fun with a sport is to take up swimming. This is an activity that can be experienced in a variety of ways. There are many elements to the sport, and it has varying levels of interaction and competition. For example, for the competitive there [...]

Paintball – A Popular War-Game

Paintball is a popular sport involving teams competing against each other in simulated warfare. These contests are held in fields, forests, wooden forts, or any combination of the above and often feature various obstacles and barriers that allow for strategic game play. Games generally involve various objectives, such as Capture the Flag or Elimination. Standard [...]

First Time Playing Paintball

People often anticipate and fear the first time they play paintball. Questions that typically come to mind are, “Does it hurt?” and “Is it dangerous?” The truth is, paintball is a fun game for most people who don’t mind a little minor pain here and there. To begin, players are going to need paintball markers [...]

Paintball Gains Popularity

The sport of paintball continues to see an increase in popularity. In the sport, players compete in teams or individually to illuminate their opponents by shooting a colored capsule. These capsules are made from mineral oils and are non-toxic and biodegradable. Typically players are equipped with similar items. In an organized setting, players are required [...]

Paintball Safety Makes the Game More Fun

Paintball is growing sport not only in North America, but also the world. In North America alone, it is not uncommon to see organizations sponsoring a paintball competition or event. The beauty of the game is that people can play it casually or take it seriously. It’s all up to the player. Although paintball guns [...]

Paintball Is More Popular Than Ever

Paintball has been one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping sports of modern day. Invented 30 years ago for use in military exercises and training, the game would slowly move to the private sector where it was then played residentially by a number of weekend warriors. By the early 1990s, the game had become [...]

Accessorize Tippmann Paintball Guns for Special Purposes

One of the things that makes paintball a popular hobby is the ability for players to accessorize. The type of paintball weapons they carry depends heavily on the role of the player, their skill level and how often they play. Some paintball guns have heavier fire power than others, but are larger and weigh more. [...]

Getting Better At Skateboarding

One of the popular sports in warm climates is skateboarding, both for the thrill and exhilaration for the experience and the lifestyle that it celebrates. This activity has become one of the more romanticized rebellious options that are available for people, so participants celebrate the underground roots and mentality of it all. Skateboarding is accomplished [...]

Playing Rugby For Fun

One of the most physical and engaging ports options that people can participate in is the sport of rugby. Rugby is a game that descends from soccer or “football”. It originally emerged as a modified game of football in England, where players were allowed to use their hands to move down the field. This modification [...]

Getting Better At Surfing

One of the most popular and romanticized sports in the world is the sport of surfing, because of the way that it has been portrayed in the media and has built itself into the psyche of those who live near beaches. Some people even vacation specifically to participate in the activity, because they think that [...]

How to Choose a Paintball Mask

When participating in paintball, the most important piece of safety equipment is the mask. A paintball mask is always necessary. Getting hit on open skin with a paintball is painful, and it leaves a large welt. Getting hit in the eye, nose, or lip can cause even more serious damage and possible emergency treatment. Buying [...]

Improving Fencing Skills

Many people choose sports options because they want to feel like they are part of something, and pitting their abilities against an opponent or the forces of nature allows the individual to put their own capabilities in perspective, as well as allowing them to objectively evaluate how to best focus their efforts on improvement. Many [...]

The History of Paintball

The origins of paintball guns go back to the 1970s when farmers and ranchers were looking for a way to mark trees and cattle from a distance. A company at that time produced the first well-known pistol. Its use grew from practical to recreational about a decade later. In 1981, the first game was played [...]

Attempting the Uncharted Sport of Packrafting

Those that enjoy spending time in the outdoors have so many opportunities for adventure and fitness. Backpacking is a sport that mixes the workout of hiking with the fun of camping and traveling to new and hidden places in nature. However, when you are traveling by this method you are likely to run into obstacles [...]

Getting in Shape for Winter Sports

Along with freezing winter temperatures comes a new crop of sports and activities to participate in. Most winter sports enthusiasts simply cannot wait for the first snowfall to come around and bring with it plenty of opportunities for play. As with any other type of athletic activity, winter events like snowboarding, skiing, and ice climbing [...]