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MLB Tickets – Reds Among Baseball’s Biggest Surprises in 2010

With the season now officially wrapped up, here’s a look at how the National League Central played out this year. Houston Astros: It was a transition year for the Astros to say the least. The Astros fell out of it fairly early and shipped out Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt, their two stars that have [...]

MLB Tickets – Cliff Lee is by Far Biggest Pitching Free Agent

In another crucial offseason, here’s a look at the top pitchers available. Just take a guess who is atop the list. 1. Cliff Lee: There were times in the 2010 postseason in which Lee looked like a strange combination of Sandy Koufax and Greg Maddux. Here is a big-game pitcher in the prime of his [...]

MLB Tickets – Padres Nearly Held onto N.L. West

Though the Padres have one of the smallest payrolls in the league, the surprising Pads nearly were able to hold off the San Francisco Giants to win the National League West. Here’s a look at how the division worked out in an unpredictable, highly entertaining season. Colorado Rockies: Though the Rockies weren’t able to fully [...]

MLB Tickets – The Top Position Player Free Agents

Derek Jeter and Cliff Lee will be getting most of the attention this offseason but there are plenty of other guys available who can help your club. Here’s a look at the top 10 position players available on the free agent market. 1. Carl Crawford, Center Field: Crawford is one of the better players in [...]

New York Yankees Tickets – Jeter Contract Among Biggest Offseason Stories

It’s already a contentious issue, and we’re still a ways away from a new deal for legendary Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter. While most Yankee fans assume that it’s a slam dunk that the Yankees will open up the coffers for Jeter, others are unconvinced whether or not Jeter will be re-signed this offseason. Here’s a [...]

MLB Tickets – The Phillies Rose to the Top in N.L. East

With the season now over, let’s take a look back at how the N.L. East played out in 2010. New York Mets: It’s been a rough couple of seasons to be a Mets fan. Despite a huge payroll, the Mets once again had trouble competing in the N.L. East and finished fourth in the division. [...]

MLB Tickets – The Good, Bad and Ugly of 2010

As usual, the baseball season had its fair share of ups and downs, plenty of bizarre moments to go with the more expected ones. Here’s a look back at the 2010 season. The good: San Francisco Giants win first World Series – OK, the franchise technically has won a World Series before, but the New [...]

MLB Tickets – A Look Back at the A.L. West in 2010

Here’s a retrospective on the A.L. West, which turned out to be as surprising as any division in baseball. Oakland A’s: The A’s deserve a little bit of credit, even though they finished well out of first place in the division. With a young roster and limited overall talent, the A’s were competitive and even [...]

MLB Tickets – A.L. East Once Again Best Division in Baseball

With four teams finishing above .500, the A.L. East was as strong as ever in 2010, even though the Boston Red Sox finished well out of the playoff race. Here’s a breakdown of how the division played out in 2010. Toronto Blue Jays: The least heralded of the good teams in the division, the Blue [...]

MLB Tickets – Twins Continue to Own A.L. Central

Despite a dubious start to the season, the Minnesota Twins once again proved to be the best team in the division, beating out the White Sox handily with a great stretch run. Here’s a recap of how the A.L. Central stacked up in 2010. Detroit Tigers: The biggest bright spot on the team, obviously, was [...]

San Francisco Giants Tickets – Giants Title Not a Fluke

Though most predicted that the Yankees or the Phillies would be the team to win the World Series this year, the Giants proved to be the best team in the playoffs, beating the Rangers in five games and winning their first championship since the franchise played in New York. But those who think that the [...]

Getting Fitter With Baseball

There are many options available for people who want to participate in a recreational activity that also builds fitness levels as a result of regular play. There advantages and disadvantages to each option, and some are arbitrarily more desirable based on the personality of the person who is engaged in the activity. Baseball is a [...]

NBA Tickets – NBA Power Rankings for Teams 11-20

Here are teams 11-20 in the National basketball Association as I see them heading into the 2010-11 season: 11. Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks struggled in the postseason in 2010, but they’re still a group that earned the third seed in the playoffs last year. The team overpaid Joe Johnson in the offseason, but needed to [...]

MLB Tickets – American League Awards

Here are the American League players that I would give awards to for the 2010 season, plus a few of my own awards: Most Valuable Player – Miguel Cabrera, First Base, Detroit Tigers: Cabrera’s Tigers didn’t really contend for the postseason, but I think team success is factored in a bit too heavily with these [...]

MLB Tickets – National League Awards

Here are the National League players that I would give awards to for the 2010 season, plus a few of my own awards: Most Valuable Player – Joey Votto, First Base, Cincinnati Reds: Votto had a monster year in 2010, establishing himself as one of the elite sluggers in the National League. He’s always had [...]

Texas Rangers Tickets – Cliff Lee is a Postseason Monster

When the Rays close their eyes at night after their loss to the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, there’s a good chance they see Cliff Lee bearing down on them from the mound. Everyone knew of Lee’s reputation heading into the postseason, but Lee lived up to the hype against the Rays [...]

Philadelphia Phillies Playoff Tickets – Dynasty in the Making

The Phillies made it to the World Series each of the last two seasons – and that was without Roy Halladay. Now with the best pitcher in the game heading their pitching staff, the Phillies are the most formidable team in the league heading into the postseason. How they got there: It wasn’t exactly the [...]

Texas Rangers Playoff Tickets – It’s All about Cliff Lee in Postseason

The Rangers haven’t had to play a meaningful game in months, which could come back to haunt them. But with an ace leading their staff, an MVP candidate sitting in the heart of their order and a group of overachieving youngsters, the Rangers are still a dangerous team. How they got there: Though Cliff Lee [...]

Tampa Bay Rays Playoff Tickets – Rays Have Great Shot at Running Table

After topping the New York Yankees in the American League East and heading into the postseason on a high note, the expectations are high in Tampa Bay for the Rays. How they got there: It starts with their superior starting pitching, as the Rays have arguably the best top of the rotation in the entire [...]

New York Yankees Playoff Tickets – Pettitte is the Key

The Yankees are expected to make the playoffs, so it’s no surprise to see the Pinstripes once again heading into October with their real season about to heat up. Here’s a look at their season and what they need to do from here to keep Hank Steinbrenner from firing the entire roster. How they got [...]