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Homophobia – Gay Hate For Same Sex Love

Homophobia is a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards gay, bisexual, lesbian and sometimes transgender people. Over the past few years, Great Britain has seen an increase homophobic assaults, with 4,805 gay hate attacks taking place last year according to police figures, and a quarter of these happening in London. So why the increase?More [...]

Tantra meets BDSM : Discovering the Divine in the Kinky

On first impressions one might think Tantra and BDSM are opposite ends of the sexual spectrum. I was of this opinion, being rather a novice when it came to the BDSM scene. Before, I had only really flirted on the fringes of BDSM; working in fetish clubs as a dancer and then as a masseuse [...]

The Intimacy And Ecstasy Of A Loving Relationship

What is most important for a relationship to succeed – sex, love, or communication? You might have read hundreds of articles that say that communication is very important for a relationship to grow. You might have heard millions of people saying that a relationship can’t exist without love. And some people understand sex as the [...]

How To Give A Tantric Massage On Your Partner And Drive Her Wild With Desire

Having a long term partner is fantastic, a mate, a supporter and lover, they’re there no matter what and the best part is that you can get to know each other’s bodies very well, and know how to pleasure each other. That said, it can be difficult to find the time for each other. So [...]

Sex Addiction: Why Are Successful Men Unfaithful

The question was posed to me recently “Why is it that successful men are so unfaithful.” If you watched the news regularly you could definitely come to this conclusion. Fortunately, the answer is a simple one. The answer to the question lies in the understanding that a successful man nearly always has confidence issues. I [...]

Top Tips for Couples Tantric Massage

If you want a new exciting way to develop intimacy as a couple perhaps you can consider Couples Tantric Massage. The intention of this kind of touch isn’t about sex, but powerful orgasms that take your quality bedroom time to new levels and a deeper more profound connection between you and your partner. Nothing is [...]

Top 10 Tantric Massage Albums

Tantric massage is used to tantalise all of the senses to help create a unique and positive environment to help you relax, from the music we use in session, to the soft candle lights, the feathers and different touches and strokes, to create the perfect, most blissful tantric massage. The below list is our favourite [...]

What is Tantric Massage? 7 Vital Aspects of Tantra

What springs to mind when you hear the word Tantra? Old hippy couples, the Kama Sutra, or perhaps sex that lasts for days and days, whatever your imgaination sums up, have you ever been curious to find out more about the benefits of Tantra and Tantric Massage? The following article gives a great introduction to [...]

How to Attract Men – Surefire Tips To Attract A Man

Who else wants to know how to attract men? Do you want to become a guy magnet that all men are crazy about? If you are really serious about becoming a guy magnet that all men are attracted to, I strongly urge you to read every word of this article with the utmost attention. I’m [...]

Spicing Up Your Sex Life with These 5 Lovemaking Tips

Whether you are a man or a woman trying to please your partner in bed, you are actually taking a good step in spicing up your sex life. Indeed, it is very helpful to research on how you can make the best sex for you and your partner and initiating it yourself is a good [...]

Improve Your Sex Life Fast, Easy and Safely

Your sex life is one important aspect in your relationship or you married life, and at times, a stale sex life can even can even bring a relationship down. If you want to improve your sex life or make something new to pleasure your partner, you can actually learn a lot with research. If you [...]

How to Have the Best Sex – 5 Top Tips Towards Orgasm

Your sex life plays an important role in your partnership or marriage. Of course, being able to satisfy your partner is bed is one thing that can make your bond stronger and your married life more exciting as well. If you are determined to bring your sex life a level higher, learn some tips on [...]

Talking Dirty to Your Partner – Some Do’s and Don’ts to Pull Off a Successful Dirty Talk

Talking dirty to your partner can be a great way to make your sex life more exciting and intensifying. Indeed, listening to your partner about how you can satisfy your partner’s needs and how you are also satisfied can make the lovemaking more intense and more exciting. However, one caveat about talking dirty to your [...]

Learn How to Talk Dirty – 5 Tips to help You Spice Up Your Sex Life with Dirty Talking

Dirty talking during lovemaking is one thing that can most often turn on your partner if you do it right. Indeed, the art of dirty talking is not just a plain narrative of what you want to do with your partner, but it is actually more of enticing your partner into the act. If you [...]

Talk Dirty in Bed – How To Talk Dirty to Your Man

If you are looking for new ways to please your man in bed, you may want to explore and learn how to talk dirty in bed. Indeed, nasty talks during lovemaking can turn on your man and can intensify the sensations that you both are feeling at that moment. In fact, many women love to [...]

Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement, and Liposuction in Phoenix

People choose breast augmentation, breast enhancement, and liposuction for various reasons. Breast augmentation is a procedure to enhance the breasts. It can be done using saline breast implants. It can also be done using silicone breast implants. There are many doctors to choose from that will do a breast augmentation in phoenix. Some are considering [...]

Sexual Enhancement Supplements and Six-Packs: Allies or Enemies?

If you are taking sexual enhancement supplements for recreational use, then you probably want to be able to enjoy a cold beer with them too. Most parties seem to center around the adult beverage, so why would companies make natural sexual enhancement products that aren’t safe with alcohol? The truth is, most sexual enhancement products [...]

Have A Better Sex Life By Following Love Making Tips

Being a couple for so long does not mean that you’ll have to stop thinking about how to spice up sex. Whether you have been together for a short period, or have been married for years, you need to learn how to please your partner and have the desire to have a better sex life. [...]

The Herbs That Put You In the Mood

Sometimes the mood just doesn’t strike you, so what do you do? Can men fake a headache to get out of sex? While headaches might keep you out of the hot seat for one night, lack of sexual desire can become a common and reoccurring issue for some men. Losing interest in sex can be [...]

Better Orgasm through Daily Supplements

Many women are in search of a better orgasm. While there are many tips and tricks, such as doing daily Kegels, that can help you improve your orgasms, there are also supplemental alternatives that are effective. Tips and tricks for achieving a better orgasm can be very helpful. Before making the decision to begin a [...]