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DIY Divorce – Take Charge And Reduce The Costs

Divorce doesn’t have to be a bitter squabble causing unnecessary hurt and cost to both concerned parties. Mature partners who can reach agreements between themselves stand to save a significant sum of money in legal advice. If partners can take control of a divorce instead of divorce solicitors, then the amount of hurt, hassle and [...]

Oklahoma Divorce – Questions and Answers

For those who are looking to file for Oklahoma divorce, there might be a couple of questions you have in mind. This article will provide you with some of the answers to those questions in order to make things clearer and give you an idea of what you might need to prepare or do before [...]

How Can I Get My Husband To Be In Love With Me Again?

Marriages always have their difficulties. Some more than others, and some on a regular basis. Relationships no matter how compatible are a perfect science. Arguments, frustrations with each other, and issues are inevitable. Unfortunately for many married couples these arguments can get way out of control leading to significant marriage problems. Women like to talk [...]

Hope Springs Eternal!

A while ago a young woman came into my counselling rooms thinking that all was lost in her ten year old relationship with her husband. She discovered e-mails he had been sharing with someone else and believed that he was having an affair. We spoke about what else this could mean but she was sure [...]

DIY Divorce – What Can Be Done To Reduce The Cost Of Divorce

Despite what you might commonly or read about divorce, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly, hurtful battle between two enraged parties. Some people choose to have it out in court with the support of legal advice, but many people manage to settle the situation with a minimum of hassle, accusations or expense. There’s [...]

Getting Your Wife Back and In Love With You Again

Many marriages seem to fall into the same problems, and many that are never able to get through it. Many times both parties involved with these disputes begin to feel their spouse is no longer in love with them anymore. Some people even give up all together without any effort to work things out. After [...]

All About No Fault Divorce

No Fault Divorces mean that marriages can be ended without the presentation of evidence or accusations against either party. No fault divorces allow a court to grant the divorce without a requirement for blame or evidence to be used against on of the parties. Whether or not one person breached the marital contract, a marriage [...]

Taking Productive Steps to Prepare for a Divorce

If you are proceeding through the stages of divorce, it is important that you take certain steps to keep things positive, and moving forward. Though you will certainly need legal advice, there is another professional you should consult perhaps even before you make that call to the lawyer: a financial planner. They can be invaluable [...]

Grounds For Divorce: Common Reasons For Divorcing Your Spouse

A lot of married couples today have a divorce because of varying reasons. If you’re thinking of divorcing your spouse, though, you should first find out if you do have grounds for divorce before even filing divorce papers. The following are some of the most common reasons why people ask for divorce: 1. Your partner [...]

Life After Divorce: Strategies Of Dealing With Divorce

Getting through a divorce may not be as easy as you think. Your life after divorce, however, need not be a life that’s full of losses and frustrations, as there are strategies you can use for dealing with divorce more effectively. Here are some of them: It’s Not Bad To Be Single Some women who [...]

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Get Your Ex Back

Its always challenging when you have to let go of something you have a history with and more importantly something that meant so much to you. This is the problem that many run into as they deal with a broken relationship. While some will realize that the relationship was not good for them, others will [...]

Controlling Divorce Costs

When you are considering or proceeding with a divorce, it can be an emotional and distressing time, it can often the expense involved in the divorce can contribute to that, particularly if you are unsure about how much it will cost. If you can spend some time reading up on divorce proceedings and the law, [...]

Breaking The Addiction – The Pain of Breaking Up

I’ve touched on the subject of breaking up so often that I feel like a broken record every time I receive a new email from a heart broken DIVA or Boo who cant seem to let go of the good memories of their ex. Having one’s heart broken not only affects us during the break [...]

Divorce Law 101

Most Americans dread even thinking about the word “divorce.” You can put it off for months, even years, but when the time comes in to throw in the towel, and all else has failed, one most confront the subject as well as all of the legal complications that can arise from it. Unfortunately there is [...]

Pre Nuptial Agreements – Protect Your Assets

Pre nuptial agreements, also known as premarital agreements or pre-nups can be a sensitive subjects with soon-to-be-weds. It’s easy to see how it is an issue which can stir emotion – The last thing you want to be thinking about before you get married is who owns which item of kitchenware and the inevitable division [...]

Divorce Advice – Uncontested Settlements & Clean Break Orders

Divorce doesn’t have to be a bitter squabble about pets, property, belongings and children. If the two parties can be mature and rational, communicate about their situation and make compromises then an uncontested divorce can bring the marriage to a quick and smooth end. The two parties don’t need to agree on all elements of [...]

Settling a Relationship through Divorce

When two persons start off with friendship, the ending usually comes in three forms, remain as friends for life, end up as mortal enemies or end up together as partners in marriage. For the third option, the road to a successful marriage is not a bed of roses. In every single day that you spend [...]

Understanding Alimony and Palimony – What Does it Mean for You?

In the event of a divorce or separation, one partner often compensates the other for the formerly shared aspects of their lives. Property, child rearing expenses, and differing income levels are all things commonly addressed at the termination of a relationship. Alimony, or spousal support, is a financial provision given to a spouse after a [...]

Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 5 Amazing Tips That Will Make Him Love You Once Again

If there are no surefire ways on how to win your boyfriend back, there are still some vital things that you can do to fix the broken relationship. Here are things you can do win your ex boyfriend back. Tip #1 Apologize for all the mistakes that you have done that caused the breakup. This [...]

How to Get Your Boyfriend Back – 7 Things You Need to Know If You Want to Get Him Back

If you want to discover how to get your boyfriend back, it requires you more than wishful thinking and empty promises. Don’t do the things that will push him away from you. With the help of this article, you will get him back in no time. These are the things you need to do. * [...]