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Perfect Hunting Gear Bags

The perfect hunting gear bags do a lot more on a hunting trip then much of the other equipment you may decide to take with you; having an outdoor backpack will give you much needed space to carry your gear and game in, while letting your hands remain free, ready to take that perfect shot [...]

A Guide to Hunting Fanny Packs

Outdoorsmen know that the key to a successful hunt is having everything you need with you. This is especially true of half-day hunts, full day hunts or journey hunts of longer than a single day. Many sporting goods suppliers sell fanny packs, hunting packs to be exact, for this purpose. Here is a guide to [...]

What to Look for When Shopping for Archery Bow Cases

If you are interested in choosing among all of the different archery bow cases available today, it is important to have a good understanding of exactly what to look for. Bow cases are specifically designed to protect the archery equipment that you own during times that you do not have it in use. Most of [...]

The Importance Of Home Firearm Safety

Home firearm safety is important for numerous reasons. With so many people owning firearms these days, gun safety in general should be a number one priority, especially if you have children. Even if you talk to your children about guns, that they are not toys and could injure or kill, doesn’t always stop them from [...]

Gun Storage Solutions

Today when many households have at least one gun in the house, it is extremely important to have the right gun storage solutions. There are many reasons for proper storage. Each year thousands of innocent lives are effected by gun tragedies, whether it is accidental shootings, self inflicted, or even shootings be other people. While [...]

A Brief History of the Gun

Firearm history is a rich and colorful subject that is not without some controversy. The first gun may have been made and used in Europe, China or the Middle East. Once guns became a common military tool, the history becomes much clearer and well documented. Today there are number of gun manufacturers around the globe [...]

Outdoor Hunting Gear

Hunting seasons change with the change of the weather each year but the one thing that stays the same is the type of outdoor hunting gear hunters will need for their hunting trip. Hunting trips can last one day, an entire weekend, or even for an entire week. The length of the trip and where [...]

Camo Hunting Backpacks – How to Buy the Right Ones

Your gear can determine how successful your hunting trip goes. One of the most important part of your gear will be hunting backpacks. You will be carrying all the necessary tools in your backpack and it should be providing you with optimal performance so it doesn’t distract you from your hunt. Many people prefer camo [...]

Important Shopping Considerations When Choosing Rifle Gun Cases

If you are interested in purchasing among the many different rifle gun cases on the market today, it is important to understand that there are many considerations that should go into your decision. It is important to understand that every gun owner that claims to be responsible will have one of these rifle cases in [...]

Hard Gun Cases Guide

If you are a firearms enthusiast, you probably have more than one gun in your home. Some people enjoy collecting antique or specialty weapons while others own guns for hunting or protection, in either situation hard gun cases can come in quite handy for protecting and storing your weapon. Here are a few tips for [...]

How To Buy Firearms Online

Now that you’ve decided to buy your first firearms online, there are certain decisions you need to make. Make these decisions first, and your first purchase will be a stress free experience. The first thing you need to do is to decide why you are purchasing a weapon. Live in a bad neighborhood and feel [...]

How To Go About Big Game Hunting For The First Time

Big game hunting is an experience unlike any other. Being out in nature is a great way to relax and get ones thoughts in order. It also offers excitement in the form of an adrenaline rush. Big game brings with it more risk and more rewards than simple fishing or small game hunting. Being out [...]

How to Buy A Gun Online – Part 2 of 3

After you’ve found a local FFL holder willing to do your gun transfer, the next part is the fun part – finding and buying your gun online! When I buy a gun online, I need to see four important things. First, I never buy a gun online unless I have the option of returning it. [...]

How to Buy A Gun Online – Part 3 of 3

OK. You’ve decided on a gun, you like the seller, and you’re doing it at a reputable gun website. What should you do first? Send money? NO! The first thing you should do is contact the seller by phone. NEVER send money without first verbally confirming with the seller what you’re interested in, and that [...]

How to Buy A Gun Online – Part 1 of 3

So you want to buy a gun online? You’re in luck! There are dozens of websites out there prepared to supply you with whatever gun you’re looking for. Whether it’s a rifle or shotgun, semi-auto pistol or revolver, or even a Class III item like a machinegun, it can be found on the internet. The [...]

Facts About Alaska Black Bears

Of the three species of bears living in North America, black bears (Ursus americanus) are the smallest, most abundant, and most widely distributed. They can be found in most of the forested areas of United States with the exception of Hawaii. They are quite abundant in Alaska, found on most of the mainland and many [...]

Tactical Combat Knife

The tactical combat knife or survival knife can be the one tool that helps you survive out in the wilderness. They are more than just knives, but can be used for a number of different tools. If you are a person that spends a lot of time outdoors, then you know the implementations that these [...]

Quality Hunting Knives

If you enjoy hunting or spending any sort of time outside then you will need to purchase top quality hunting knives. You should always ensure that you are using the right equipment for any job you may have and hunting knives are no different. You will find it very difficult to get anything done outside [...]

Fixed Blade Knives

When shopping for knives, there are generally two different types to choose from. The kind you select should be based upon your individual needs. There are fixed blade knives, and then there are folding knives. It has become common practice for different brands of knives to take on the name of the person or company [...]

Knife Sharpening Tools

Knife sharpening is a basic life skill that many people never learn how to do. It is as simple as building a campfire, but many do not know how to do that correctly either. There are various knife sharpening tools that can be purchased to ease the process. Having these handy will help you keep [...]