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Ethics: Do You Behave The Same Online As You Do In The Real World?

How different is your online world from your real world? Do the ethical rules of the “real world” also translate to how you should behave online? The truth is, the issue of online ethics can be very confusing one because the online or virtual world seems very different from the real world. Many people will [...]

Which Down Syndrome Treatment Suits Best?

There are so many Down syndrome treatments that can be done, but we must be aware that this is an irreversible disorder and cannot be cured. In the other hand, there are different therapies and treatments for medical, cognitive and physical problems that can be done by the person who has trisomy 21. It goals [...]

What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is also known as trisomy 21 or trisomy G, this is a disorder happens because of an extra production of chromosomes. The disorder is distinguished by a minor and major difference when it comes to the structure. Often times, this disorder is closely related to physical growth and cognitive impairment that affect the [...]

Down Syndrome Help is Available

There are so many Down syndrome help groups that offer support and assistance for children who have this disorder. It is not easy to have children who have trisomy 21 because you must always be there to guide and support all the needs of the child. Usually, if the parents already knew that their child [...]

Triggering Anchors of Neuro Linguistic Programming

The best tool that a person can have in improving his or her mental situation, health and maybe his or her entire life is Neuro Linguistic Programming. By integrating psychology, neurology and linguistics, it looks at ways of improving human behavior, emotions and health. This article will be discussing some basic ideas that NLP suggests [...]

Knowing Facts About Medications For Proper Management Of ADHD

Having your child get diagnosed for ADHD is not as easy to take as when they get diagnosed for fever and flu. Treatment for ADHD would not take just a week or two but longer. Proper management of ADHD requires you the parents to take extra care in deciding what kind of treatment you would [...]

Making A Career Out Of Helping Others Through A Life Coaching Training

It is always part of being a human being to help out friends and relatives or even strangers have a better life by becoming a better person. Being able to help will always give us a warm feeling inside that we long to experience time and again. There are many people who have been able [...]

Sagging the Pants: Hip or Hype?

We have seen it often enough, mostly in young men, sagging pants that show off almost half of their boxers. Perplexing and troubling it may seem to some; this popular trend has been in mainstream street fashion for a couple of years now. While a few people may never understand the reason behind the question; [...]