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Briton Arrested For Turning Firearm in to Police

In the United States we say “A man with a gun is a citizen, a man without a gun is a subject.” In (formerly Great) Britain, it appears that a man who finds a shotgun and turns it in to his local police is not even a subject — he is a felon. Paul Clarke [...]

David Keene Endorses the Tea Parties

David Keene’s article on TheHill, Elitists Must Swallow Tea, was a very good analysis of the tea party groups and the knee-jerk reaction of the leftist establishment to the nascent movement. What I found more interesting than David’s insightful analysis though, was that he came out publicly in support of the tea party movement. David [...]

Can You Hear Us Now?

I’m a bit annoyed at FoxNews. They keep reporting on pro-liberty groups and events across the country, but they never link to URL’s where readers can find more information and join in the action. I read “Tea Partiers Take Aim at Major Media Outlets” at FoxNews and was very interested in finding out more about [...]

Ann Coulter vs. Bill Kristol

Another fight is brewing in the Republican Party, but this one doesn’t involve any RINO’s. This battle is between Bill Kristol and Ann Coulter, two icons of popular conservatism. Bill Kristol is the founder and editor of The Weekly Standard. He was one of the co-founders of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). [...]

Defiant and Unrepentant Nancy Pelosi Says She Has No Regrets About Her Time as Speaker

A defiant and unrepentant Nancy Pelosi says that she has no regrets about her time as House speaker. In a TV interview yesterday with Diane Sawyer for ABC “News,” the terminated speaker declared that not only did she not have any regrets about her four years as speaker, but she also truly believed that she [...]

Lisa Murkowski Attacks Palin and Tea Party; Calls Alaska her State

Lisa Murkowski attacks Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, calling Alaska her state and bragging of the fact that she and her supporters were able to make their own decisions regarding who to send to the Senate. In a brief interview with Fox News’ Dan Springer at quarter to midnight Alaska time, Murkowski was clearly [...]

Obama to Give Interview to Ryan Seacrest on Election Day, Confirming his Irrelevance

Barack Obama is to give an interview to Ryan Seacrest on election day, confirming his irrelevance as president at this stage in his first term. While Obama could have at least tried to help his party’s chances by appearing on a more credible network that reaches a much bigger audience than little old Ryan Seacrest [...]

Obama Shouted Down by Liberal AIDS Activists While Campaigning to Rally Dems

Barack Obama was shouted down by liberal AIDS activists while campaigning to rally Democrats in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Saturday afternoon. This is only the latest, further mortifying episode of normally pro-Democrat hecklers who have defiantly shouted down Obama at one of his event stops designed to “fire up” a Democrat Party that seems increasingly fractured [...]

Understanding the Underlying Causes of Stress and Mental Illness in the United States

I really and truly believe that the hardest thing about being human is trying to understand other people. Think about it. With over six billion people on this planet, each of us is a combination of genetics and experiences that blends each one of us into something unique. Another thing that I have noticed is [...]

First Class Foot Firmly In It

Nice work by veteran Conservative MP Nicholas Winterton this week. I’m sure his PR is fuming after he alienated an entire swathe of standard-class rail travellers in one fail swoop when referring to them as a ‘different type of person’. Already on a very thin ground, Winterton called the new expenses culture “infuriating”, moaning that [...]