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Who is the International Women’s Voice?

The International Women’s Voice is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting human rights and the rights of women all over the world. The members of this organization denounce and stand up against those who abuse their power to harm the rights of others. The International Women’s Voice is not government based, but does [...]

Is a Public Option for Health Insurance Doable?

Due to the passage of the new health care laws, there has been a great deal of talk amongst the health care activist community regarding the “public option”. While this has been touted as one of the best parts of the plan, it leaves people wondering if it is truly possible. So what exactly is [...]

Can There Be Economic Recovery Without Political Recovery

Compromise is the backbone of any negotiation, and with economic recovery at stake, it will be important for there to be political recovery to facilitate economic recovery. There are two specific areas that Democrats and Republicans need to work on together to ensure that the US recovers from the worst recession since the Great Depression. [...]

What is the Repeal Pledge?

Ever since Congress and the current administration drafted and passed the new health care program, people have been demanding answers and asking for it to be repealed. Even though there are some problems with health care on the whole, most people believe that nationalized health care is not the answer. Because of these feelings, the [...]

How Will Health Reform Legislation Affect U.S. Health Care?

The main premise of President Barack Obama’s health care reform bill was that it would be a form of nationalized health care, a type of insurance program that would be funded by the taxpayers of the country, and overseen by Washington. The idea was that everyone would be able to get the care they need, [...]

Are Employers Required to Offer Health Insurance?

If you are one of the many who have found yourself scratching your head over the new health care reform that has been put into place this year, you are certainly not alone. One of the main issues that people have been left questioning is whether or not employers are required to offer health insurance. [...]

32 Million People Uninsured: What Now?

President Obama took on a major issue to help develop a new health care system that would benefit the people in this country who need care the most. While his plan for nationalized health care has gained a great deal of criticism from the general public, Republicans, and even a large number of people in [...]

Health Care Reform Bill 101: Who Will Pay For Reform?

The tea party movement has been all about bringing the true cost of the new health care reform to light, and informing people on who will really end up paying for the bill. As you may have guessed, this type of change certainly does not come without a hefty price. In fact, it is estimated [...]

Will Premiums Increase Under Obamacare?

One of the main questions with the Obama health plan is: will insurance premiums increase under Obamacare? Unfortunately, it looks like the answer to this question may be yes. There have already been noises coming from the health care industry that the largest insurers are getting set to raise rates in order to ensure they [...]

Presidential Leak Lacked Honesty

When President Obama leaked jobs reports data to his supporters earlier this year,the details of the report were far less optimistic than the picture Obama painted. The stock market fell sharply on the actual data, currently falling more than 250 points and below the emotionally charge 10,000 mark. The good news was that the unemployment [...]

Raising A Happy Bird —-5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Bird Happy

As owner of a pet bird, you surely want to do all you can to keep your bird not just healthy but happy and well adjusted in your home. Numerous studies have shown that a bird that is emotionally healthy often enjoys a longer life span. Here are 5 ways you can keep your feathered [...]

Ancient Civilizations Predictions – Mayan 2010 Prediction

There are a lot of interesting things you will be able uncover if you check out different ancient civilizations. Some of the things you can uncover can even be scary, such as the dreaded Mayan 2012 Prediction. Being ancient as they are many people think that the predictions made by the Mayans are false, yet [...]

Is America Over-prosecuting and Over-crowding its Prisons?

As crime rates continue to serve as a hot-button political issue, campaigners have increasingly held a “get tough on crime” stand. While attempting to take a bite out of crime has become a bipartisan pastime, America’s prisons have filled with more than murderers, rapists, and violent gang members. According to The Economist, there are currently [...]

Austin Capital Metro has Faced Numerous Troubles Over the Past Few Years

The Austin Capital Metro received quite a bit of attention as its board of directors worked on selecting who would serve as the agency’s leader for the foreseeable future. While it is certainly a subject of interest, perhaps the topic that should really be discussed is how this person will turn the transit authority around. [...]

The Politics of Austin, Texas

Although the state of Texas is known for being a conservative state, its capital city is far different. In fact, the city of Austin is so well known for its Democratic leanings that it has become a stronghold for the Democratic Party. Yet, interestingly, the city’s suburbs tend to vote Republican. In fact, the city [...]

How To Have A Memorable And Safe Prom Night

I have extremely fond memories of both my junior and senior prom nights. Both times, I loved my dress, I had a great hairstyle, and my dates were friendly and fun. There are certainly a few things I would change, however. Let me share with you some of the things that made my prom wonderful–and [...]

Top Qualities You Can Enjoy Through Hiring Miami Painting Contractors

No one really wants to take the time out to paint their own home, inside or out. Most of us today will employ the help of specialty services to get the job done. Miami painting contractors are very easy to find and will provide you with a number of excellent beneficial qualities! The job is [...]

Obama’s Media Risk Warning

There was a rather strange rant against the media from Barack Obama recently, as he warned that technologies like the iPad and Xbox put pressure on democracy and turn information into “a form of entertainment”. It came as he was giving a speech at Hampton University in Virginia. He told graduating students that education was [...]

What A Difference A Debate Makes

Back in 1984, a single killer line from Ronald Reagan during a live political debate was critical in his securing re-election. When questioned about his age and suitability therefore to hold office, the 73-year-old responded “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my [...]

He’s Certainly Not The First And He Probably Won’t Be The Last

I was shocked to see that the lowest part of the campaign trail for Gordon Brown came as a result of the most amateurish mistakes of them all. Whether or not you agree with Brown’s description of Gillian Duffy there’s no excusing such a schoolboy error. We’ve all heard the story. An angry lifelong Labour [...]