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Easing Infant Nasal Congestion—4 Ways To Help Your Baby Breathe Easier

Few things are more stressful than watching your baby struggle to breathe. Congestion and stuffy nose can cause anxiety for your baby that often result in restlessness, inability to sleep, and loss of appetite. The following 4 suggestions are steps that you can take right now that will ease nasal congestion. Clear Nasal Passages—Extra mucous [...]

Childproofing Your New Home

If you are purchasing a home for the first time, there are many things that you will need to think about. Your will need to consider finances, layout, location, size, neighbors, and so forth. If you have children or plan to soon have children, there are many other things that you will need to think [...]

Save Money By Buying Cloth Diaper Package

If you know someone who is about to become a mother or if you know someone who have babies and kids, then you might want to convince them by saving money, saving the environment and be eco friendly if the buy cloth diaper package. This is the best thing that ever happened to diapers because [...]

Sweet Treats They`re Sure To Love

Children of all ages are attracted to sweet and sugary tastes, flavours and foods. Most parents notice the preference for these foodstuffs when their child is at a very early age. The first time they place a piece of chocolate in a baby’s mouth they will see their own precious little love make a facial [...]

Purposeful Listening in a Music Class Makes Your Child an Active Listener

Listening with a Purpose allows a child to “move beyond the level of minimum awareness (receiving) and become an active participant in the music and movement activities. Language abilities in three and four year olds are blooming. “Playing” with language by making up new, funny words and sounds benefits children by increasing their skill in [...]

Boys Pajamas: Finding The Perfect Baby Sleeper For Your Active Boy

Life changes dramatically with the birth of a child. Suddenly you’re thrust into a world of gadgets and clothes that you’ve never had experience with before. Even simple things like a baby sleeper can be a bit of an enigma to a new parent. Add to that the challenges of raising an active boy and [...]

Dont Burn More Than Your Dinner

You might like your food hot – but not your kitchen. More than half of all house fires start in the kitchen. For example, each year in NSW alone, the Fire Brigade attends about 2,500 kitchen fires. Save on your Home Insurance and keep your family safer by maintaining a clean and organised kitchen. Here’s [...]

Let Your Child Engage in Fine Motor Movement to Aid Growth

Fine motor movement allows the child to increase skills that required hand and finger movement such as putting together a simple puzzle, painting with a paintbrush, turning a page of a book or stringing beads. Children are great imitators, acutely aware of and then modeling adult movements in their walking, talking, hand gestures, and other [...]

Baby Bedding Sets

Having a baby is a very exciting time in your life and there will be so many things that you will need to organize and buy before they arrive. Choosing the right baby bedding sets is very important as you want them to look great but also be practical and affordable. There are several different [...]

Baby Car Seat Covers – Helpful Guidelines

In the world of commerce, manufacturers are developing various goods to sell in the market. They are in hunt of gears that would be useful and as well as viable to the consumers. Creation and innovation of assorted types of products is a component of their work. One of the products they have arrived with [...]

Baby Monitors – Your Guidelines

Being a new parent you may question yourself “Do we really require baby monitors safety devices for looking after our baby?” During 1950′s baby monitor analysis stated that these gadgets can facilitate mom do all the cooking and cleaning without being bothered about the baby and its safety and hence they called them “the nannies [...]

How To Find Personalised Christmas Gifts For Babies

Not long till Christmas. No doubt many of you will have written your list of family and friends you want to buy presents for. For most people children always feature on a Christmas gift list so when looking for baby Christmas gifts this year why not look at buying a gift that is personalised just [...]

How Sound and Music Maps New Connections in Baby’s Brain

It is important to include a wide range of timbres in Baby’s environment. This includes hearing the sounds of many languages. Each kind of sound maps new connections in Baby’s brain. Repeated listening solidifies these connections. Sounds are part of Baby’s environment. Focused listening to one sound will help Baby start to learn to compare [...]

Things to Note When Your Child is Growing Up

Sign language is very important during your child development phase. Signing has many benefits for children and can: * Help children pay attention more easily as its use requires eye contact* Make language become more active because children “do” something as they communicate* Foster self esteem as it gives children more control in expressing themselves [...]

6 Benefits of Music Education for Your Child

Early childhood music education is good for your child. It helps to develop brain areas of your child, develop critical problem solving skills, etc. In this article, let me highlight some of the benefits of music education: 1. Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. It is thought that brain [...]

Games & Activities to Help Your Child to Learn

Objects such as chime ball, which do interesting things when baby handles them, help Baby develop an understanding of cause-effect connections. The chime sound helps Baby make a connection between his action and the interesting response. The more experiences a child has with movement, the better her brain can interpret and integrate sensation from her [...]

Why Active Listing and Music is Important to a Child’s Development

Active listening is a process that goes beyond the physical act of hearing. It is an intellectual and emotional process that integrates a full range of inputs in a search for the meaning of and an understanding of a sender’s message. It involves listening between the ones to hear what is not said as well [...]

Why Exposing Your Child to Language and Words is Important in Early Childhood Development

Segmenting words into the smallest sound units of speech, which are called phonemes, fosters a child’s awareness of the sounds of words and the uses of language. A child develops phoneme awareness by experiencing activities that include: 1. Rhythmically spoken words, rhymes and verses;2. Songs that include syllable division3. Words and letter sounds that are [...]

Important Things to Note During Your Child’s Early Childhood Development

The three- or four- year-olds may not be able to hear or understand the difference between the speaking and singing voice. By experiencing a wide range of vocal possibilities, the child learns to differentiate between his speaking and singing voices. Playing with speech as well as with simple melodies helps the child develop both singing [...]

Storytelling and Pretend Play Enables Your Child to Connect to the Real World

Storytelling is the way that children make sense of their lives. Stories give meaning to events by making connections between them and the real world. Exposure to stories about conflict and resolution gives children strategies to use to cope with similar real-life events Literacy and dramatic play enable children to : * Understand specific vocabulary [...]