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The Benefits of Price Comparison Tools

As a shopper, there isn’t a worse feeling in the world than spending a lot of money on a big-ticket item only to learn that it was on sale at a different store for significantly less. Sure, you might be able to return the product, get your money back, and then buy it at the [...]

Pagerank update 2011

There is still no certainty on how long the pagerank updating process takes the almighty Google to complete but we will be waiting a couple more days before confirming any changes.The Pagerank Debate There’s still an ongoing debate on what pagerank means, is it important, should you take any notice of it? Well, everybody has [...]

Stop! Don’t Build That Website Yet

It never ceases to amaze me how often new webmasters set about their online business at the start without actually having clearly defined strategies on how to market and promote the website and the product. Now this article is for internet marketing newbies, so the strategies for website promotion are fairly basic therefore experienced internet [...]

Do You Need A Website For Online Marketing?

This question is for you “newbies” out there. Ok, so you’ve entertained the thought that you might want to be involved in or at least checkout the wide wide world of Online Marketing! Soon enough the question arises, will I need my own website? Or, does this mean I’ll have to have a website? This [...]

Original Internet Blog Articles – Do they still exist?

When we surf the internet, we see a lot of blogs and blog articles popping up each and every day. It would be safe to say that it would be quite hard to track each and every blog article posted everyday. However, there is no denying the fact that internet blog articles are the in-thing [...]

Internet Attitude: Changing Your Mindset for Success Today

It is indeed quite stupid to go to war without getting yourselves armed to the teeth. So let’s talk about the 2 most important weapons you will need in order to fight your war on the Internet. Firstly, you need to have the right ATTITUDE in order to succeed. Then you will need the right [...]

Features You Should Consider in Membership Site Software

It can be confusing trying to select the right membership site software for your business. Here are several factors you should consider. Fully automated. That’s the whole point of software right? However some membership site software programs are more automated than others. Automation saves time. That saved time can go into providing content for your [...]

4 Tips for a Better Membership Site

Membership sites are a great way to earn money online. Here are 4 tips you should consider for a better membership site. 1. Decide what type of membership site you want and stick to it. There are 3 basic types of sites: Community based such as hobbies or special interests. Members want to belong to [...]

What Is An RSS Feed?

There was a time on the Internet when if you had 10 different websites you liked, you would have to visit each individual to see if any new content has been posted. Think about continually visiting 10 different news sites – some of which post each hour, other posting multiple times an hour – trying [...]

The Webcam Roulette Phenomenon

Webcam roulette is a new style of chatting online that connects site users with webcams to other webcam users at random. A number of sites specializing in this type of online chatting are now available, with varying degrees of popularity. Some sites connect visitors at random with others from around the country, or even from [...]

Average Joe’s Guide to how a Search Engine Works

Like most people I had no idea how a search engine worked, all I knew was that if I wanted to know something, Mr Google would point me to someone who could tell me the answer. Why did one website come up ahead of another one in a search? How did Mr Google work out [...]

Offline Techniques to Increase Traffic to Your Website

You have the most effective and highly ranked website to market your online business. But that is not proving to be sufficient in gaining the traffic you had intended to achieve… Surprised? Have you given a thought to marketing your business offline? Well, most online business owners don’t! You were so engrossed in promoting your [...]

What Does Web 2.0 Mean?

Until about 10 years ago, the Internet was an individual effort. Someone would create a website – generate their own content and own images, write the HTML code, etc. – and then use traditional means (business cards, direct mailers, even e-mail) to tell people about the site. Once people visited the site (if they visited) [...]

What Changes Can We Expect With Net Neutrality?

With the new laws that have recently been put into fruition on net neutrality, some internet users, website owners and web hosting providers are curious as to what changes they can expect. With all of the conflicting information that is circling the media; it can be hard to know whether or not net neutrality is [...]

Easy Website Creator Software – Will it Work for Me?

There are many online businesses you can find these days. When you search the web for such opportunities, you may get confused in choosing which one is the most applicable for you. One of the more popular choices though is affiliate marketing. This is because with affiliate marketing, almost half of the work has already [...]

Understanding Aggregator Websites

The Internet used to just be a fantastic place where people could go out and find any information they wanted. Thanks to aggregators, the Internet is also a fantastic place where any information you want comes directly to you. Aggregators come in many varieties – websites, sidebars, browsers, and more – but each is designed [...]

Choose the Best Website Builders Today

When starting your own online business, there are three factors that you should put much consideration on: website creation, product or service to sell, and internet marketing. While the last two is definitely important, the first thing that you should work on is how you can create your own website. And when it comes to [...]

Article Writing – A Zero Cost Online Business Opportunity For Everyone

Writing articles online is a business. You must approach it as a business. When you start a real world business you expect to spend fourteen hours a day working on your business. You also expect to work at it for two or three years before you make a profit. You will make a profit sooner [...]

All You Need To Know About Page Content

There are a lot of internet marketing strategies that you can do to generate money to your site. In fact, if you are just a newbie with this, you can still take on content writing which is considered to be one of the most useful tools in order to generate traffic to your site. However, [...]

How To Earn Thousends Of Dollars Online

In the last few years there were many reported scams that told one could earn a huge amount of money by just doing some small work online. But now this has become true and in fact very easy to earn money through internet. There are other sites that offer employment with payment but needs initial [...]