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Don’t Follow Where Traffic Leads, Lead the Traffic

When buying a domain name for a new business many people like to look at the traffic the name is already getting. This is not an indication of how successful your online business will be. It’s true that the perfect keyword domain like will get more automatic traffic because it is the simplest domain [...]

How DNS Works

DNS or domain name servers are hidden part, but an important part of the internet. On the planet, these systems are one of the most active and largest distributed databases. The internet will shut down quickly, without DNS. It helps in resolving domain names to IP numbers instead of remembering 12 digit numbers it is [...]

What You Need To Know About Host Name, Domain Name And IP Address

A ‘Domain name’ is purchased from a registrar such as; it is a label that identifies the control and autonomy on the Internet based on the ‘Domain Name System’ (DNS). These are usually given as: .gov, .edu, .com, .net, .org, .mil etc. (E.g. which comes without www). They identify one or more IP [...]

Find Expired Domain Names

It is difficult to find good domain names and you may have observed that millions of good and cheap domain names expire on a daily basis. Some of the few reasons for expiration of the domain name could be that the owner registered and forgot to renew it or perhaps registered it with the intention [...]

Educate Yourself On Domain Law

A registrar does buying and registering of these names. Domain trading (selling of domains) is also legal, as long you do not infringe upon/violate the trademark rights of a third party before renting/selling it. You must be completely aware of the laws and trademark rights before getting into trading. It is important to follow the [...]

Domain Name Tips And Tricks

As the domain industry is growing very rapidly, we should further focus on the essential tips and tricks while registering a domain name. There are certain guidelines that you will have to follow when registering a domain for your business. This consist of 67 characters that include alphabets a-z, digits 0-9 and hyphen (-) and, [...]

Analytics And Domain Buying

First, keep in mind that a domain name is the name that will be typed in a browser to view a website. Any domain name has two main parts visible to the Internet user: the name and the extension. The website domain name also suggests what the website is about. For example, an “.info” domain [...]

Blogging – 4 Tips to the Perfect Domain Name

The idea behind selecting an appropriate domain name is not an easy job. This is because many of the good domain names are already being used by others. In such a scenario, how will you choose the right domain for your blog? Here are 4 tips which will help you to select the right domain [...]

What Are Top-Level Domains

Every domain name ends in a top-level domain (TLD) name, which is always either one of a small list of generic names (three or more characters). The most popular are .com, .net, .org, .info, or a two-character territory code based on ISO-3166. For instance, the territory code for Estonia is .ee, Australia .au, France .fr. [...]

What Are Second Level And Lower Level Domains

A domain name signifies authority on the Internet and is based on what is called the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names exist for addressing purposes. This is so you will be directed to the correct website. However, there are different parts to a domain name that you need to be knowledgeable about. It isn’t [...]

What Is ICANN?

Every machine on the internet is assigned an identifying number called an IP address. Any time you access the information on the internet, your computer is pulling information from another machine. IP addresses look something like this: To make it easier for people to remember the location of a website, IP addresses are matched [...]

2 Ways To Choose A Domain Name

Here we discuss two ways to choose a domain name for your website. Registering your own domain is the best thing you can do for your online business, because that is the only way you will have total control over it. Trading in domain names has become a serious business in its own right because [...]

Get Connected With Permalinks

A permalink or a permanent link, refers to the URL of an individual blog post. A permalink never changes, and hence, the name. The unchangeable nature of a permalink makes it less prone to link rot. Permalinks are used to link your story in an email, and are used by other bloggers to link your [...]

The Rumors of Windows 8

An Italian Windows website got its hand on a super secret and highly confidential power point presentation by Microsoft. The power point presentation revealed Microsoft’s plans and some features of the Windows 8, which the company is planning to build. Microsoft is now inclined towards making a Windows version with some good features for which [...]

The Benefits of Sub-Domains

Sub-domain makes your URLs shorter and nicer. It allows you to categorize content of your website. They also help in search engine rankings because they are treated as separate website address by the search engines. However, you should consider few things before settling for sub-domains for your website. A sub-domain can be used to suggest [...]

Google Back in China But Having Trouble in Australia

China has controversially given Google back their license back to operate in the region under the “” domain name. This comes just months after a rift between them that saw Google remove operations entirely from China after strict government censoring was ruining their search results and they would no longer accept this. If you had [...]

xxx Domain Names

Domain names with a .xxx suffix at the end (,.com,.co.UK usually goes) has recently passed as a legal domain name. A British entrepreneur expects to make $200 million from registering out the domain names to pornography sites around the globe. The man plans to hire out each domain name for $60 a go. People for [...]

The Functionality of a Proxy Server

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between a web server and the client computer. They track all traffic existing between the internet and the intranet. These servers can perform all-important functions such as tracking IP addresses, URLs, time and date of access, and number of bytes downloaded. All of this information can be very [...]

Ways to Secure Ports

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or the Internet Protocol (IP) is an underlying factor for everything that you can do on the Internet. The IP helps you to reach the requested web destination. While, the above protocols help you to arrive at the right destination, several bugs have been implemented in the way of TCP/IP [...]

Transferring a Domain Name

There are several reasons you might like to transfer your domain name (DN). The process of transferring a domain is a bit cumbersome, as it involves many factors. A domain name is registered under your name for a year, and you are required to renew it when it reaches the expiration date. The DN renewal [...]