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How to Use a Crab Cracker

The first person to look at a crab and smack his lips must have been a little desperate to eat. Crabs and lobsters present a fearsome challenge with their tough shells, but that first connoisseur of shellfish must have suspected that underneath a tough exterior lay a sweet, tender, and oh, so delicious morsel of [...]

Learning About the Impressive Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only a delicious addition to many recipes, but also has a wide variety of impressive health benefits. It is perhaps one of the most universal spices we have! It is a distinctively fragrant spice associated with warm baked goods and holiday cheer in the West, and has the honor of being one [...]

Guidelines for Cooking a Delicious Meal

Cooking is an art and science of managing the kitchen. Whatever case may be, it revolves around a person’s innovative skill, art, experience and effort placed in to achieve a particular objective. Whether at home, in restaurant or hotel, no one lives without a meal(s) a day and that means cooking. At home, you would [...]

4 Benefits Of Choosing Gourmet Gifts

The holiday is already here so you may find a lot of websites that will give you lots of gift ideas. Although you can always give gifts to people whom you’re really closed to, you can also give them beautiful and delicious gourmet gifts to them. However, you may ask why you have to give [...]

Las Vegas Gastronomic Getaway – 24 Hour Buffet Pass

We came to Vegas for some American cultural immersion. This morning we purchased the new “Buffet Pass.” In 24 hours, we can gorge at 7 hotel buffets for just $39.95. Gluttony is the 5th deadliest sin and we all know Vegas is called “Sin City.” These iconic buffets have come a long way from the [...]

Westchester Lunch Spots – The Best Sandwich Maker I Know

This is not typical of me. I hardly ever do a restaurant critique because I own Niko’s Greek Taverna, which is also in White Plains. Today, my wife had a craving for a sandwich from Melt on Mamaroneck Avenue in the White Plains so I told her to call order and I would pick it [...]

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Catering Company

If you are the happy couple, it might come as a shock to hear that the wedding is actually the centre piece of any wedding day. People come expecting a good meal. If the food tastes great and there is plenty to around, guests will leave feeling like they had a good time. If the [...]

The Wonders of Greek Cuisine

Anyone who has ever been to Greece will smile knowingly whenever the topic of Greek food is brought up. There is nothing like Greek food anywhere else in the world. Filled with the freshest of greens, unencumbered by spices that hide the flavor of the components, and full of beef and lamb dishes that can [...]

Fettucine – A Wonderful Treat

Fettucine is an Italian pasta with a flat rather than cylindrical shape. This shape helps sauce adhere firmly to the pasta. Some refer to this type pasta as a noodle. It’s believed that Fettucine originated in Bologna, Italy. Like Tagliatelle, another noodle-like pasta, fettucine is made from flour, egg and a dash of olive oil. [...]

How Our Appetites Are Affected By The Principle Of Gastronomie

How does the principle of gastronomie affect a person’s appetite as far as wanting to eat food in general? Well, consider that one of the definitions of the word “gastronomie” is ‘the science of eating well’. So, in relation to this, it stands to reason that our appetites may become stimulated by food that is [...]

All About The Crepe Machine

A crepe is a thin pancake which many people prefer over the traditional pancake because it’s lighter and more easily digested. A crepe can be filled with fruits, vegetables, even meat. Crepes can be served as a breakfast food, a desert, or as a meal. Many people find crepes difficult to make and this is [...]

Cook On A Budget: Tips On Cooking Easily and Affordably

If you want to save up on daily expenses, you should try to cook on a budget. Yes, no matter how big your family is, you still will be able to come up with cheap and easy recipes that let you save more money. The following are easy cooking tips and some grocery shopping tips [...]

More Olive Oil Equals Better Health

The “fat is bad” mantra of the past couple of decades has made many people wary of consuming any kind of fats or oils, or feeling guilty when they do. Popular media has expounded on the dangers of obesity, heart disease, stroke, and cancer as a result of consuming fats. It has been only recently [...]

Learning to Cook a Gourmet Dessert

Why not eat dessert first? When you know that the most fabulous part of a meal just might be the amazing gourmet dessert scheduled to finish up the courses with a bang, it’s tempting to cut to the chase and just eat the dessert.There are restaurants which specialize in certain types of desserts, whether they [...]

Basic Cake Decoration Tips For Those Interested In Decorating A Cake

Who doesn’t love cakes? Almost everyone in this world surely find cakes beautiful, attractive, and, of course, sweet and delicious. Aside from the cake flavour, how the cake is decorated is also a factor that can convince people to buy cakes. If you know how to bake cakes, but don’t know anything about decorating a [...]

Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas: Recommendations On Designing A Cake For Birthdays

Birthday parties won’t be complete without birth day cakes. If you’re the one baking the cake, and designing a cake for the celebrant, it is normal to have various birthday cake decoration considerations and ideas. Whether you’re planning an easy cake design or a more complicated one, these cake decorating designs tips and tricks will [...]

Reasons For Celebrating Special Occasions In A Catering Coffee Shop

To celebrate a special occasion is to dine-out. The choice of dining place is a matter of preference – maybe the ambiance, the food, the location or even the warmth exuded by the owners. It is always my personal choice to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions in a cafe -rather than a restaurant. [...]

Dining Out In An Impressive Coffee Shop To Satiate Appetite

Man by nature has unexplainable idiosyncrasies. And dining-out can be one of these. There are people who love to explore and give new ventures a try. And food is one common object of the tryst. You will notice that restaurant business has perennially been a good business. It is because many people still want to [...]

Planning All of Those Summer Parties

If you are like others out there, then the summer means that you are throwing lots of parties all throughout the season. Although it can be fun most of the time, it can also become a stressful part of, what is supposed to be, the most relaxed season of the year. However, the more parties [...]

Eating, Luxurious Pass Time

Are you trying to plan a party or just some sort of social gathering? One guess would be that food is a high priority on your list of things to have at this party. It is a known fact that people love to eat and especially love to eat when someone else makes it for [...]