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Sushi 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to this Asian cuisine staple. Decade or so, you’ve been missing out on a real treat. Asian cuisine in all its forms has been rapidly increasing in popularity due to its more healthful nature, but sushi has outdone them all. Many diners have hesitated to try this Asian delicacy mostly [...]

Why You Should Understand the Importance of Food Storage

America is the land of plenty; a place of security and shelter for its citizens. Would we ever really need to use food storage here? Research shows that the average American household has less than a week’s supply of food on hand. This same statistic applies to most American supermarkets. Do you recall when the [...]

Stocking Your Pantry Food Supply

Though most of the food you eat probably comes from the refrigerator or freezer, the pantry is a useful storage place as well. It is here that you can store dry food that can last both for long periods of time and for immediate use. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, major earthquakes, and extreme blizzards could leave [...]

Does Drinking Beer Give You A Beer Belly?

Apparently people don’t call your protruding tummy beer belly for no reason at all. It is quite obvious that beer drinkers have a tendency to accumulate fat in their bellies, especially as they get older. So is it really true that drinking beer can give you the beer belly? After all, not all beer drinkers [...]

Preserving and Storing Food

Before the invention of food processing, vacuum packers, or freezers, most homemakers preserved food by canning. Canning requires no special storage temperatures other than cool, and the final products look best when kept in the dark. These simple requirements make the art of canning a good way to preserve food for long-term storage. You can [...]

How Culinary Travel Adventures Can Change Your Life

Food is a journey, and we all are searching for the best the world has to offer. Every palate is different, but when it comes to culinary travel adventures, the one thing we all have in common is our curiosity for great cuisine. All you have to do is turn on your television, or read [...]

Cooking With Chicken Wings And Other Low-priced Meats

Due to the economic downturn, many people are looking for ways to feed their families on a tight budget. One way to make significant savings is to learn to cook using cheaper types of meat. When prepared correctly, these can be just as palatable as much more expensive cuts. Here are some suggestions for making [...]

A Rose or a City by any Other Name

Everyone has heard of Beverly Hills, an affluent city in western Los Angeles County. The city’s sisterhood of wealthy cities includes Bel Air and Holmby Hills, these three form the “Platinum Triangle” and are home to celebrities and movie stars. In 2007 the medium price for a home in these areas was 2.2 million dollars. [...]

Copycat Cooks Recipes For Some Tasty Restaurant-Style Dishes!

You see a lot of copycat recipes all over the Web, and for good reason. A lot of people want to recreate the flavor of their favorite fast food dishes, most especially when it comes to fried chicken! It’s hard to find exact replicas, but if you know where to look for them you shouldn’t [...]

What’s So Great About Cast Iron Skillets?

You may have heard people rave about their cast iron skillets. When someone makes the switch from typical nonstick skillets to these, they’re usually pretty enthusiastic about the switch. Why is that? 1. Natural nonstick surface A properly seasoned cast iron skillet is naturally nonstick. With basic care, it will keep that nonstick surface. How [...]

The Green Hills and Pubs of the Irish

Did you know that Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe? Not only large by European standards but Ireland is the twentieth-largest island in the world! Ireland is often ranked in the top destinations to visit in the world. Why? Ireland is beautiful, English speaking, historic with dramatic scenery. The gardens are breathtaking and the [...]

Light Recipes as Healthy and Time-Saving Alternatives!

When you’re preparing a gathering among family and friends, it makes more sense to prepare light recipes. Not only do they save you a lot of time in preparing, but for health reasons as well. So many dishes may require a lot of time to cook, and yes, they will look highly delectable upon serving, [...]

What Delicacies And Pasalubongs To Buy In Bohol?

As you would always know, food complements every get-together. So when in vacation, appropriate enough budget for this. As you visit Bohol, never forget to taste some of the mouth delectations. And bring some as “pasalubong” for your loved ones who are not as lucky as you are. At least, let them taste Bohol. Here [...]

Hearing Aid Evaluations And Treatment

It’s funny when Uncle Ned says something off-topic, and most just say he is getting senile. He does switch it up, however, with nods and smiles. When it comes to Grandma, she just hears what she wants. Aunt Clara monopolizes any conversation, not letting anyone else talk. Does this hit the nail on the head? [...]

Stainless Steel Catering Equipment

An increasing number of cafes, hotels and restaurants have now installed stainless steel catering equipment in their establishments. One of the main attractions of catering equipment and stainless steel dishes is that they are more hygienic than other metals because of its smooth, non-porous surface. When it is properly looked after, stainless steel kitchen equipment [...]

Creating Food Storage for Uncertain Times

When you want to store food for a long time in your home you have to make sure that you understand how to do so effectively. Finding how you are going to get into the habit of storing food in your home in case of emergencies. There are a lot of people that do not [...]

Free Papa Johns Coupons

It’s Friday night, the family is home, the kids are in their pj’s and the movie is in…what’s missing? The Friday night Papa Johns family meal! The morning paper has been read through and is in the recycle bin along with last Sundays, which is buried at the bottom. The coupon drawer is a mess [...]

How To Use Chafing Dishes

When hosting a party, food is often one of the greatest concerns for the host and the guests alike. When the food aspect goes bad, people will remember little else about the party. The type of food served and its presentation can have tongues wagging either positively or negatively long after the event. To create [...]

What You Need to Know about Stainless Steel Chafing Dishes

If you are considering the purchase of stainless steel chafing dishes there are a number of well crafted products on the market from which you can use. There are also chafing dishes that are made from silver or aluminum. Although the design and sizes of these cooking accessories vary a great deal they all perform [...]

Cooking Delicious Meals Successfully with Red Wine

If you are tired of your old recipes tasting exactly the same, and are looking to kick things up a notch, you can try adding some red wine. This rich, flavorful beverage can completely transform your meal into something delicious. When grapes join other flavors to make this liquid, they create a grown-up version of [...]