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Yoga to Let Your Inner Beauty and Health Shine Through

For a person to have a truly beautiful body and radiate that beauty they must be flexible. Yoga is considered the best way the world over to gain that flexibility. Yoga stretching should never be considered a competition. As you practice yoga you will find that you are more flexible in some areas then others. [...]

Finding The Perfect Yoga Position

There are many ways to be healthy. You should eat right, exercise regularly and a whole lot more. As for spiritual and mental exercises, you can pray or do crossword puzzles. But there is one thing you can do that keeps you sharp physically, mentally and spiritually. What I’m talking about here is yoga. A [...]

Non-Slip Yoga Mats – The Basics

Non-slip yoga mats come in a wide assortment of styles and materials. Choosing the best selection of mats greatly depends on your needs and style of exercise. For example, older individuals are usually more comfortable with thicker non-slip yoga mats. Additionally, yoga mats come in various lengths, widths and of course thickness. Yet for many, [...]

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Most kitchen floors today are not covered with carpet, but with ceramic tile, wood or cement so that the floor can be easily cleaned. However, countless hours of baking or cleaning in the kitchen can often leave the feet and legs tired and sore. A good way to prevent feet and leg fatigue is to [...]

Performing Yoga for Joint Health

Those that suffer from aches and pains have a hard time finding any type of exercise that will help them lose weight without causing them problems. Even cardio can be damaging to the body and to these difficult areas and joints. Running and weight training can sometimes only make the pain you feel in your [...]

The Benefits Of A Yoga Routine

Yoga is a wonderful way to exercise and has many benefits for both the mind and the body. It has been shown to help many people get through difficult health disorders that they might not have been otherwise able to get past. In this article, we will discover some of the many benefits that yoga [...]

Advanced Yoga Training Sessions

You are ready for advanced yoga once you have gone through the beginner and the intermediate levels. The advanced version will naturally give you better challenges in strength and flexibility, so you want to make sure that you are ready for this next level. Once you start taking advanced training, your body will rapidly adjust [...]

Being Healed Through the Power of Yoga and Meditation

If you are interested in healing your body of ailments naturally, you must try yoga. It is strengthening for the whole body, and massages the inner organs beautifully. Today, Yoga has been identified as an alternative therapy to cure various ailments like cancer, infertility, lung disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, high blood pressure, and [...]

Teaching Yoga – Giving the Gift of Inner Peace

As many of you know, Yoga practice is a good adjunct therapy for most forms of suffering. There are many reasons for the suffering that plagues humanity. Some can be measured scientifically, while others cannot be measured through medical or scientific technology. A virus or bacteria can be observed through a microscope. We can identify [...]

Yoga and Our Connection to Pain

Our connection to pain is rooted in our personal belief system. Some of us fear pain so much that we cannot think about it without creating internal anxiety. Some of us believe pain is deserved or it is the Law of Karma in practice. Others see modern medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Yoga, and alternative therapies [...]

Using Yoga to Fix Back and Joint Issues

When you suffer from chronic back or joint pain, it is hard to find any type of exercise that does not put you through stress. Even cardiovascular workouts can aggravate these physical issues. Things like running and weight training can only increase the pain you feel in your joints and back or spine. However, there [...]

Exercising Your Spine and Back Safely While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, your back can hurt terribly. However, you can exercise your spine and your back safely so that you can find relief. While it is not safe for a pregnant woman to begin a totally new exercise routine, it is perfectly safe and often necessary to utilize some new, low-intensity back exercises [...]

The Importance of Increasing Flexibility

The extended use of one particular muscle or group through exercising or strength training usually increases the size of it and how much energy it is able to exert. However, this also puts a great deal of strain on the muscle, and without proper stretching habits, can damage it. Increasing flexibility within the body is [...]

Getting the Most Out of Your Yoga Workout

Yoga is an ancient form of training your body physically and mentally that originated in India. Since the late 1990′s, yoga has exploded in popularity as a form of exercise. However, this type of workout is not just a craze. It is very beneficial to your muscles, flexibility, aerobic stamina, and mental health. The Sanksrit [...]

Yoga Retreats – How to Have the Best Experience

They offer the opportunity to meet new people, renew and rejuvenate, and are most often held at beautiful or exotic locations. Perhaps some of your close friends or relatives have shared their experiences with you, and spoken highly of their trip. If you are thinking about going on a yoga retreat, there are few things [...]

Why Sedona has Become One of the Most Popular Destinations for Yoga Retreats

It wouldn’t be surprising at all because yoga retreats offer the opportunity to deepen into your practice of yoga, meet new people, renew and rejuvenate, and are most often held at beautiful or exotic locations. And that’s why Sedona yoga retreats have become one of them most popular destinations for yoga retreatsSelected by the Readers [...]

Practicing Yoga Will Shape the Course of Your Life in Three Steps

How can Yoga help anyone change the course of life? How many people say they would like to make a lifestyle change? How often do you hear someone say he or she would like to make a difference? Let’s look at each issue, and discover a formula for positive change, which will help you, and [...]

Yoga and Time Off – Precious Time For Reflection

Time off, or time away from work, is special to us because it gives us a chance to re-direct our energy. Some of us might call this “time to get our bearings straight.” Yet, how many people really take time off for themselves? Is it selfish to spend time on meditation, Yoga, or self-analysis during [...]

“How to Find the Best Yoga DVD for You”

If you are looking for an intense, strength building, muscle toning, fat burning, yet relaxing workout, look no further! Yoga DVDs at home are the thing for you, no matter your need. Yoga has quickly become one of the most popular, expansive, and interesting forms of exercise and meditation on the fitness market. It involves [...]

The Practice of Yoga for the Average American

For those who are stressed, confused, bored, or just looking for a little variety in life, exercise and meditation can be two beneficial remedies. Why not combine the two? Yoga is an anciently practiced form of physical and mental discipline, originating in the orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy in India. Today, it has spread all [...]