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Understanding Customer Needs in a Joint Venture

When you began your business, you most likely met a specific need for a targeted market base. Unfortunately, many companies begin to forget the needs of their customers as the business begins to grow. Customer service is all about meeting the consumer’s needs, but you must effectively identify them first. This article will provide some [...]

Is it Time for a Joint Venture?

You may have heard about the popularity of joint ventures today and how business owners are using them to build a targeted market base and increase profits. However, you aren’t completely sure whether your own business is ready to undertake this kind of partnership. If you are feeling a tad apprehensive about the idea, consider [...]

Due Diligence in a Joint Venture

When you enter into a professional partnership with another company, it’s important to make sure that business is the type of entity you can trust and work with effectively. Joint ventures are the ultimate business relationship, uniting two or more companies for the purpose of marketing, increasing a targeted customer base and building profits. If [...]

5 Steps to Ending a Joint Venture

All good things must eventually come to an end, and that includes your joint venture agreements. However, dissolving one doesn’t have to be a negative experience. With a little advanced planning and a lot of business finesse, you can call it quits and still stay professional “friends.” Capitalize on these steps for ending a joint [...]

5 Questions to Discuss before Setting up a Joint Venture

A joint venture is an excellent way to escalate profits with little upfront cost as long as the joint venture agreement you create is a beneficial one. Unfortunately, too many joint ventures begin without adequate thought or preparation, leaving them floundering dismally in no time at all. To help you and your JV partner set [...]

Who Really Benefits from Joint Ventures?

You may have heard about joint ventures as a means of growing your customer base by partnering with a similar business to share resources and customer lists. However, many small business owners are hesitant to enter into one of these arrangements because they are unclear on exactly what the benefits are. If you have been [...]

Using Social Marketing to Build Your Customer Base

Social marketing is a relatively new advertising concept that was originally introduced in the 1970s. Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman discovered at this time that the same strategies used to sell customers products and services could also be used to sell them on ideas, attitudes and behaviors. The primary purpose of the approach was to [...]

Tips to Coordinate a Successful Joint Venture

Joint ventures provide some of the best value for your marketing dollar today. By riding the coattails of a larger company, or combining resources with a business similar in size to your own, you can exponentially increase your customer base and your bottom line. The success of your joint venture begins at the outset with [...]

4 Ways Joint Ventures Power Up Your Marketing Campaigns

If you are looking for a way to amp up your marketing efforts, a joint venture may be just what you are looking for. These strategic alliances provide an additional boost from another company that brings its own wealth of resources, talent and customer lists to the table. Joint ventures offer exponential returns on your [...]

No Man Is An Island – How To Bag A Strategic Partner

Now, this is a good thing don’t get me wrong, but what if you’re a start-up or growth business in the throes of reinvention. How can you, overnight start to do things differently, offer new products and services, show a different side to your business and essentially stay ahead of the game? Something which has [...]

Preparing Your Staff for a Joint Venture

You might think your upcoming joint venture will be a boon to your business, but your staff may not be so sure. Most employees tremble at the thought of any sort of change to their current business status, especially a change that encompasses bringing an entire company onboard to increase your customer base and profits. [...]

5 Considerations with an International Joint Venture

International joint ventures lend themselves well to particular industries, like manufacturing and oil. The partnerships with companies worldwide lend themselves well to providing local businesses the edge they need to compete in a global market. However, international joint ventures also come with their own unique set of obstacles and challenges. Here are five factors to [...]

4 Steps to Planning Your Joint Venture

Every great business proposition begins with a plan, and so it is with your joint venture. The steps you take before you launch your JV will have a tremendous impact on the overall success of your partnership. Before you even approach a potential JV partner, know the steps involved in planning this type of partnership [...]

Using Consumer Psychology in Internet Marketing

Consumer psychology has been used for decades to help companies formulate effective marketing strategies, but it has been only recently that these philosophies have transferred to the world of Internet marketing. If you are preparing to embark on a joint venture, chances are that Internet marketing strategies will be an integral part of your business [...]

Business Architects and Joint Ventures

The term “business architect” is a relatively new one that refers to professionals who work directly with businesses to create positive plans and strategies designed to benefit an organization. This individual can be particularly helpful in the area of joint ventures because he can effectively bring together two companies with a big picture in mind. [...]

Benefits and Risks of a Joint Venture

You may be hearing about more and more small businesses using joint ventures to explode their profits by effectively building their customer base. But is a joint venture the right choice for your company? While you are the only one who can accurately answer this question, we can give you the factors necessary to make [...]

Understanding Market Segmentation in Your Joint Venture

When you and a partner come together to form a joint venture, you will want to make the most of the advertising tools available to both companies to bring a larger customer share to your businesses. Marketing is most effective when the audience is pinpointed prior to the development of strategies. This article will explain [...]

Intellectual Property and Joint Ventures

No matter what type of joint venture you’re interested in forming, intellectual property will probably be a factor to consider in your contract. It can be defined as creations of the mind that deserve protection under the law and may include musical and literary works as well as inventions and designs. Whether you are bringing [...]

5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Joint Venture

Joint ventures are a popular way to build small businesses today, but unfortunately, some companies enter into a joint venture that doesn’t produce the way they had hoped. All successful joint ventures begin with a plan, and by doing your homework and taking the time to set up it up properly, you can greatly increase [...]

Using eZine Advertising in Joint Ventures

When you enter into a joint venture with another small business, you have a wealth of advertising options at your disposal. One of the most effective online advertising methods today is the eZine advertisement, which appears in an eZine publication that is sent out regularly to an audience that has opted into its mailing list. [...]