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Finding Good Franchisees For Your Franchise Opportunities

a franchisee may not have understood what he or she has to do to drive their business to success. (Perhaps they think their franchisor should be doing the driving.) Or the franchisor may be ignorant of certain attributes that are going to ultimately undermine a franchisee’s success. (These can range from personality characteristics such as [...]

Franchise Information – Is A Business Franchise For You?

Is buying a business franchise a right step for you? This question tends to crop up as the most crucial query in your mind, once you are struck with the idea of taking up a business franchise. Here, the point lies in recognizing your passion and interests in a particular field of business, and the [...]

Looking For Business Franchise Opportunities?

Once you have decided that opening up your own franchise is a wise decision, you will need to decide what type of franchise you wish to open. There are many different franchise opportunities available for expansion. Whilst some companies are starting out with franchising their already successful business, others have been on the franchise market [...]

Franchising – An Opportunity For Ex-Service People

Having worked in the armed forces for years it can be difficult to know what to do regarding work once you have left. It is easy for some who have the necessary skills and contacts to go immediately into employment but for others there is a large gap between leaving and finding the right job. [...]

Starting a Franchise From Home

“What kind of business can I run from home?” That’s the most common question I get from readers. I recently got the question from a woman in Australia. My goodness, what do I know about what you can do from home halfway across the globe? Another version is: “What kind of work can I do [...]

Making Money as a Franchisee

When investigating a franchise opportunity one of the most difficult pieces of information to get from the franchisor is how much money you might make. This may be frustrating because you are not going to invest in a business until you have a good idea of what you can earn. In most cases the franchisor [...]

Some Franchise Questions Answered

Depending on which franchise you are interested in, your initial franchise fee could be as little as $1,000 or as much as $100,000. On top of the initial franchise fee, there are other significant startup fees. So, the total cost of buying and launching a franchise location could run from under $10 thousand, to as [...]

Know Your Territory When Starting a Franchise

The franchise will generally give you a territory in which you may operate and the franchisor agrees not to allow anyone else to open one of their franchises in your territory. However, they have no control on competing franchisors opening up a franchise in your territory (for example, if you own a Subway franchise, a [...]