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Try Using An Alkaline Diet As A Natural Cancer Cure

If you are looking for a natural cancer remedy then you might want to try an alkaline diet to raise the pH level of your body. There have been many examples of people reversing their cancer by applying the pH balance diet principles. These statements have caused some controversy in the health and wellness world [...]

Asbestosis: How Is it Diagnosed?

U.S. studies have shown that deaths from asbestosis have been on the rise. This is in stark contrast from the mortality trends pegged by the other forms of pneumoconioses, which have been on a steady decline. Worse, these mortality numbers are expected to further increase in the coming years. In the four – year period [...]

Asbestos Exposure: Still Happening Today

People of the modern world are still being exposed to trace amount of asbestos even to this day. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had banned the use of asbestos in gas fireplaces as well as in wallboard patching supplies since the 1970s. These products were found to release excessive amounts of asbestos into the [...]

Facts About Lung Cancer Statistics – Gender Differences in Bronchogenic Carcinoma Rates

Smoking and lung cancer have been linked for well over 60 years. During that time lung cancer statistics have changed in both men and women in Canada and elsewhere. The facts about lung cancer (also called bronchogenic carcinoma) reveal that the number of cases of this smoking related disease increase about 20 years after the [...]

To Know More About The Causes Of Lungs Cancer

Lung cancer produces irregularities to the tissue of the lung organ. When there is a irregularity in the body’s internal system, the cancer leads to an uncontrolled growth in the cells that eventually forms a build up of tissue called a tumor. The lung’s is responsible for taking in the air we breathe and transport [...]

Choosing an Oncologist

A diagnosis of cancer is perhaps one of the most terrifying medical situations one could imagine. Over fifty percent of all cancer patients die, whether from the cancer itself or comorbidity factors such as suicidal depression, anorexia, or immobility diseases such as infected bedsores. Your oncologist, a doctor that works exclusively with cancer patients, will [...]

7 Oral Cancer Symptoms And Ways To Prevent It

Cancer is one of the top causes of deaths anywhere in the world and just to let you know, our mouths are not safe from this dreaded disease. Learn about the oral cancer symptoms and the ways on how you can prevent it. It is often hard to maintain a very healthy lifestyle and most [...]

The Causes of Skin Cancer

What is skin cancer? It’s a disease. Both humans and animals have been diagnosed with this disease, although, it is not something that someone can catch from someone else. Basically, this condition occurs when the skin cells no longer have the ability to divide and grow normally. Those without this condition have cells that normally [...]

Men Facing Prostate Cancer: Proactive Measures Help Beat the Odds

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer among men, but it often goes undiagnosed in the early stages. Part of the reason for this is that the symptoms that appear early on seem to be normal problems. Problems with ejaculation and urination do not seem to be a serious health concern to most men so they [...]

To Know More About The Causes Of Lungs Nodules

Lung nodules, or pulmonary nodules are small, roundish growth that appear on the lung, that is usually about three centimeters or less in size. Lung nodules can be cancerous or can be caused by other serious diseases. Cancerous nodules are usually marked by quick growth that quickly become masses. About 40 percent of pulmonary nodule [...]

Personalised Medicine, The Next Frontier In Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer deaths around the world. About 1,500 people in Singapore were diagnosed with it in 2008. In that same year, more than 160,000 people were estimated to have died from the disease in the United States alone. How do you define “advanced lung cancer”?Lung cancer can be [...]

Information On Types Of Skin Cancer

Cancer is considered as a disease that causes uncontrolled build up of cell in the human body caused by abnormalities in the system genetic make up. These abnormalities are formed from substances, radiation and/or other contagious agents. This growth of the cells then turns into what is considered a cancer that can spread throughout the [...]

Know Information About Signs Of Cancer

Cancer is a group of sickness that can affect almost any and everywhere on the human body, either internally and externally so it is very difficult to pinpoint any specific symptoms. However there are one or more changes that can be seen in the body which can make you suspicious in order to seek medical [...]

Know More About Signs Of Skin Cancer

Cancer is a an ailment that causes uncontrolled growth of cells in the human body. This cell build up is due to irregularities in the genetic caused from chemicals, radiation and/or other malicious agents. Skin cancer infects people of all different skin tones and is developed on the skin area of the body, mainly on [...]

How To Stop Smoking

We all move away from pain and towards pleasure. You may have reached a point in a relationship or a job where you said enough’s enough and you decided to make a change. It became too painful to remain in this situation and although a change would initially be tough, the long term rewards would [...]

Major Milestones In Cancer Research

There is no doubt that when cancer is mentioned people tend to freeze up and panic. Although people are living longer today and there has been a lot of progress in the disease, that doesn’t make many people feel that much better when they learn they have it. But cancer research has come a long [...]

The Truth about Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer refers to cancer that develops in any of the parts that make up the mouth. Mouth cancer can occur on the lips, gums, tongue, inside lining of the cheeks, and the roof and floor of the mouth. Cancer that occurs on the inside of the mouth is sometimes called oral cancer or oral [...]

What Vitamins Are Suitable For Treating Acne?

Due to the incredibly unhealthy diets that have become the norm in modern day America, it is no wonder that vitamin deficiencies are so rampant. Only about 10-20% of Americans consume the recommended amount of the important vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. This vitamin deficiency has led to many problems in the bodies [...]

Why You Must Check Your Home for Radon

Radon is widely known in the home improvement industry. It’s kind of one of those things that no one likes to discuss, because the danger is so surreal. You’ve probably heard of toxins being referred to as silent killers, and when it comes to radon; that’s no understatement. Maybe you haven’t heard that much about [...]

Nutrigenomics And Cancer

Cancer occurs when there is uncontrolled growths of damaged cells invade in areas where they are not needed. They are harmful to the body when they form lumps or masses of tissue that release hormones that alter normal cellular functions. Cells are supposed to follow a pattern of growth, division, death. Cancer cells, however, do [...]