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Being Invisible With Green Screen Film Making

In the old days of movie or production was common practice to have actors stand on a stage with a revolving drum or video showing scenes behind them. This gave the illusion that the actors were actually standing on a ship or driving through the countryside. Modern film making has abandoned this practice and now [...]

Creating A Romantic Evening For Your Lady Love

There is never a wrong time to enjoy a romantic evening with your lady love or hope-to-be love. It’s certainly called for on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays but to be even more romantic and memorable a romantic evening planned for no reason at all will have your lady swooning. Many men think [...]

Five Gift Ideas to Make with Hand Painted Wood

With the holidays just around the corner and the economy in the state that it’s in, everyone is trying their best to make great gifts and save money this year. One way to do that is with hand painted wood. Wood can be found inexpensively or even reused from another item. When it is hand [...]

How to Start an Art Collection

In most peoples’ minds, the words “art” and “collection” are synonymous with “cash” and “money.” For this reason, many people often put off starting their own art collection of original art online because they are afraid it will somehow become more of an expensive hobby than they originally intended. Now, I’m not going to lie [...]

Choosing the Perfect Type of Canvas for Your Painting

If you are going to begin a painting, perhaps even as a Christmas gift, it is important that you choose the right kind of backdrop for your creation. There are many different types of materials for you to choose from. Materials for these backdrops are usually either made of cotton or linen; both varieties have [...]

Political Cartoonists Are The Court Jesters Of Today

The political cartoon is a unique art form that offers valuable insight into the culture and attitudes of the day. Valued by historians and collectors alike, editorial cartoons use satire visually. With the use of caricature drawings and humor, the cartoonist conveys a political message with a specific slant to sway or influence public opinion. [...]

Picking The Perfect Professional Painter

If the walls at your business are in need of a facelift, choosing the right professional painter can make all the difference. You have an image to maintain and the quality of the appearance of your facilities can either make or break you in these highly-competitive times. You should know that not all painters are [...]

Sewing – An Interesting Craft

Being able to sew things on your own is a very good way of saving yourself some cash. For example a handbag can be a really expensive item and after buying one it still may not have all the elements that you wish for. However, if you are able to create one, then you can [...]

Let’s Learn A Useful Craft – Sewing

Being able to sew things on your own is a very good way of saving yourself some cash. For example a handbag can be a really expensive item and after buying one it still may not have all the elements that you wish for. However, if you are able to create one, then you can [...]

Delica Beads And Other Beading Media

If you are new to beading jewelry or if you are interested in weaving beads either with a loom or without, it is important to learn some basic knowledge about and familiarize yourself with the different types of beads that are available on the market. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of bead types [...]

Groundbreaking Radio DJs Of The Last 100 Years

From Stockton, California at the turn of the 20th century to Guinness World Record-breaking female DJS in the 21st century, radio has had its fair share of highlights. The stage was set by a 16-year-old Californian studying at Herold College of Engineering and Wireless. Armed with nothing but a box of records, a small spark [...]

Visiting the Ann Harbor Hands-On Museum

The subjects in this large institution range from physics to health to nature to mathematics. Learning is made fun for all ages in an informal environment where hands-on experience is the best teacher. The 1st Floor Concourse gallery allows visitors to enjoy museum favorites like Building in a Building, whisper dishes, tornadoes, and a water [...]

Tips to Properly Care for Tattoo

Finding the best tattoo design for your favorite body art is not an easy task. You want to make sure that the design you wanted painted on your body is absolutely the kind of image you want, since it is going to remain in your skin for the rest of your life unless you have [...]

Getting Familiar with Tattoo Healing Stages

There are a lot of things to consider in getting a tattoo. Many people are quite hesitant in getting a tattoo, because of the things that would be involved in it. Some may be afraid of needles, while some may be apprehensive of the fact that it won’t be done in a clinic. However, tattoo [...]

Watching the Development of Kaleidoscopes and Mirrors

One of the most beautiful toys invented in history is the kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope was invented by Sir David Brewster and he patented it in 1817. Sir David Brewster was a Scottish scientist. He named it kaleidoscope from a combination of Greek words. The first Greek word included is kalos, which mean beautiful. The second [...]

A Typical Lake District Day Out

Lake District attractions are hugely available in this Cumbrian county. From cycling – The Lake District was made for cycling, with challenging off road mountain biking routes to gentle country lanes there is something for everybody Dramatic Mountain biking over Lake District peaks and rolling valley trails can entice families and committed bikers alike. Walking [...]

Lake District Places To Visit

The Lake District is filled with fun and exciting things to see and do for all the family of all ages. To simply enjoy the breathtaking views while on your journey to the Lake District is one thing but what can you do when you get there. Muncaster offers a mine field of Lake District [...]

The History of Screen Printing

When you look around in the world today you will see all kinds of items that are created by the local screen printer. Everything from shirts to shopping bags can be screen printed. There are many reasons to use this method of art. The ancient art of screen printing has been around since the Song [...]

All About Religious Art

Religious art is one excellent way to display one’s faith at home and at a place of worship such as a church. Some religions permit artwork in their religious spaces, some do not. Many workplaces are cautious about decorating with religious art, and, in some cases, it has been banned from workplaces and institutions all [...]

Original Art Paintings for Modern Consumers

When you want to display your personal sense of style one way is with the clothes that you choose to wear. Another way that you can make a real style statement is with original art paintings that are displayed in your home or office. You may prefer edgy modern art to more classical paintings. Perhaps [...]