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6 Tips To Present Like A Jedi Master

Have a speech to make, you do? Hmmm… Learn to present like a Jedi, you must! Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking, and even the most confident speechmaker has a twinge of anxiety before they stride out in front of their audience. Know that your secret weapon, young Padawan, is a well-constructed, visually appealing [...]

Public Speaking Tips

Sweaty palms, uncontrollable nerves, a quavering voice, these are some symptoms of Public speaking fear. Public speaking is the number one fear in most people especially those novices, the number two would be fear of dying for most people. So many people get stressed out at the thought of speaking in public that many of [...]

Some Benefits Of The Best Exhibit Refurbishment Services Include More Customer Interest

Exhibit Refurbishment Services companies offer a wide variety of services. Some benefits you will find in the best include not only surface cleaning and repairs, but also excellent design options. You can protect your exhibit investment by finding and using the best companies available to you. In addition to the normal cleaning and surface repairs, [...]

A Good Persuasive Speech Outline

Start with a clear idea of your persuasive speech’s objective. What do you want your audience to do as a result of your speech. Condense it into a single sentence. Keep this in mind throughout. Draft a preliminary Call to Action, specifically asking your audience to do what you want them to do. If yours [...]

Good Corporate Entertainers Come Equipped With A Full Bag Of Tricks

Motivational speakers can add a lot of enjoyment as well as efficacy to communication during any company event — from conferences to product introductions to employee orientations. The best corporate entertainers breathe life into what might otherwise be just another mundane presentation, and add that extra punch needed to get creative juices flowing. These talented [...]

How long Is Your Presentation?

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been thoroughly harpooned in the press this week after his ranting and raving at the UN General Assembly. It would be difficult for even the most kind-hearted soul to defend his speech as he shouted about the death of J.F. Kennedy, the terrorist-nature of the UN, the conspiracy behind swine flu [...]

Why No News Is Bad News For UK Companies

All too often businesses think that to get through a crisis the best option is to keep their head below the parapet. Recent times have shown us that even if companies could once get away with this, they certainly can’t anymore. On January 26, Barclays wrote an open letter to investors to convince them that [...]

What Traits Make a Motivational Speaker Great?

In today’s competitive market, event coordinators are often looking for more than a good motivational speaker – they’re searching for someone who is great. Even if the market weren’t competitive, who wants to settle for “good” in a profession where the goal is often to create “greatness”? That said, a more obvious question arises: What [...]