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Using Social Media to Market Your Business

Many people that start a small business or company are tempted to spend a great deal of money on marketing and advertising concepts. Though this may definitely cause an increase in business and allow their name to get “out there,” some companies can do almost as well by spending a very little amount of money. [...]

Choosing The Right Structured Cabling To Get The Job Done Right

Many times network designers and installers alike fail to realize how important the structured cabling system that supports network traffic is. The network cabling in your office or home is the backbone of your whole phone and computer network infrastructure and should not be taken for granted. Whether you use copper or fiber to achieve [...]

Improving Business Communication Skills

The quality of communication is critical to the success of a business. Without the ability to communicate effectively, the employees will hate the CEO and the customers will hate the business. In addition, all operation will be ineffective and inefficient. This will slow the whole company down and sales will falter. The ability to communicate [...]

How To Solve Your Internal Business Issues Using SharePoint Solutions

Most large companies use some kind of internal intranet as a way of aiding communications between staff members and providing a central location to store and share work. This is typically one of the biggest challenges a company faces as communication issues frequently occur and systems and processes need to be put into place to [...]

Vox VoIP ADSL Phone – A Far Better Mousetrap

South Africa is abundantly blessed with many great things, many of which are only to be found within the bounds of our sunny shores. Sadly cheap telephone services are not included in this otherwise idyllic scenario. All is not lost though and voIP (voice over internet protocol) services are now bringing hope to the long [...]

Are You Embarrassed By Your Business Cards?

I meet so many people who when we swap business cards, they actually apologise as they hand theirs to me. I have always found that both odd and slightly aggravating as it is not hugely difficult to rectify if you know how! So why are business cards important? Business cards represent you personally as well [...]

Marketing your Small Business with Social Media

It surprises me how many small businesses are still not using social media to help market and promote their products and services. While the low numbers of participation could be due to simply not knowing how to use this medium. It’s still worth the time and effort, and the benefits are unlimited. Fact is, there [...]