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Fatal California Accident Blamed on Speeding Truck

California Highway Patrol officials are blaming a speeding catering truck for a fatal accident which occurred in the San Gorgonio Pass early in the week. According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident involved a speeding catering truck and a passenger vehicle, and took place on the eastbound freeway in San Gorgonio Pass. The driver [...]

Driving Your Truck Safely Through Snow

Even after graduating from tucking school you want to make sure that you are continuing to learn how to drive. There are many real life experiences that you will need to be open to learn from when you start driving on the road. Weather conditions can be very hard to drive through. You want to [...]

If Only Ancient Firefighters Had Emergency Lightbars

Fire fighters are a ubiquitous sight in any community of any developed country, and in some, especially the United States, come with an elevated social prestige about them due to the highly published heroism and peril encountered during their jobs – most notably the duties demanded of them in response on the events of 9/11. [...]

Car Dealerships With The Right Stuff

Walking into many Dealerships can be exciting. Will it be a brand spanking new car or a pre-certified car or even a used car. The choices are unlimited, but regardless all still very exciting. Dealerships have just about every color, multiple choices in size and fabric one can imagine. Special Order some features that one [...]

Using Snow Chains Properly to Protect You in the Winter

If you live in a place where winters can be fierce and unforgiving, you know that driving in them can be quite scary if not done safely and properly. Snow chains can be the answer to safety while on the road. When buying chains, it may be a very good idea to shop at a [...]

GPS for Trucks Means Better Asset Management

If you run a business which involves having a few trucks making deliveries to various parts of the country, how could you ever be sure as to where exactly a particular vehicle is at any given time of the day or night? The truth is, unless you are using GPS for trucks, you can never [...]

Sat Nav Truck Tracking Technology: Take Control of Your Business

If you cannot keep track of your trucking fleet or your drivers and simply pray in four different languages each time a truck leaves for its destination then it is time to stop leaving your trucking business to fate and take control. Science has now enabled you to install Sat Nav truck tracking technology in [...]

Understanding the Business Sense of Truck Monitoring Systems

Trucking is a tough business and the competition keeps you running for more and more solutions to cut company costs. Truck monitoring systems offer a way to save money, increase productivity, and provide better customer service by staying constantly informed and on the cutting edge of exactly where your trucks are, how your drivers are [...]

Track Trucks For Increased Profitability

The ability to track trucks and know exactly where they are at any given time is priceless for any business that depends upon deliveries for profit. Fuel is expensive and high paying clients can be extremely demanding. The best way to remain as efficient as possible so you earn as much as possible is to [...]

The Advantages of Integrating Smartphone Technology and Truck Fleet Maintenance

As technology has progressed throughout the years, many changes have occurred within the trucking industry, particularly in the way truck fleet maintenance is done. In the past, this tended to be done manually. However, increased technology permits fasters speeds with the use of the internet and access to information can be obtained through the use [...]

All About King Pins

Whether your bowling or the leader of a drug ring there’s a king pin. They both have something in common, they’re hard to get at. This is because there always at the center of something. You might think this would make them more obvious to find, or easier to get at, but when you have [...]

Staying Awake On a Long Trip

One of the most difficult tasks when driving is staying awake during a long trip. There are many different methods that you may practice to help you stay awake. However, after awhile you these may not be enough anymore. Here are a few more tips to help you stay awake on the road. One of [...]

Maintaining the Glass on Your Car

Keeping your car clean can help you stay safe when you are on the road. It is important that you take the time to keep your whole car clean and working well to ensure you are able to drive safely on your trips. When you wash your car you have to make sure that you [...]

Abiding By the Laws of the Road

Driving safely on the road involves more than just taking the time to look over your shoulder and turn on your blinker when you change lanes. The more that you can understand about being safe on the road the easier it will be to feel secure as you drive. First, you want to make sure [...]

What To Look For In A Truck Dealership

When you are shopping for a new vehicle it can be a challenge. What you may not realize is that the truck dealership that you decide on using can make a huge difference in the type of vehicle that you get, but also in the cost of that vehicle. Here are some things that you [...]

What To Look For In A Bull Dozer

When you are trying to find a piece of construction equipment you know that the cost is typically high. However, if you know what to look for in a bull dozer you can find the proper one for your needs quickly and easily. Then you may notice that since you know what to look for [...]

Cleaning Your Car Tires

You can clean your tires without removing them from your car or truck using a quick spin method. Use a shoebox size plastic container and stiff brush to clean those muddy tires. Use a stiff bristle brush to loosen the mud stuck in the tire treads. When washing your tires don’t leave them soaking in [...]

Cars, Trucks And SUV Dealerships

There are a number of cars, trucks and SUV dealerships in Edmonton for people to choose from. What a person or family should be looking for in a car sales outlet is honesty and integrity. Many dealers pride themselves on being upfront with their customers and standing on the honest truth about what they are [...]

Removing Windshield Scratches

Windshield blemishes are not that difficult to repair if you take the time to learn how to do it, acquire the appropriate tools and stay patient. It is a very easy task once you get the hang of doing it in the proper manner. Whether your car was struck by a piece of ice or [...]

Maximizing Your Driving Visibility

When you are taking the time to wash your car you should make sure that you understand how important it is to keep your windshield clean. There are a lot of people that do not understand how to keep their windshield in good condition. You should make sure that you are taking the time to [...]