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Finding the Right Touring Campervan

A camper van can be a great alternative to an SUV, truck, or regular camper when you want to do some traveling. A camper van has also been referred to as a motorhome, caravanette or a motorcaravan. It is very convenient for a couple of reasons. It can transport and will also provide a place [...]

How To Get The Party Started With Luxury Motorhomes

Sometimes we just want to drive away from all the hassle of the summer in the city, park up in the middle of the countryside and let our hair down. By hiring one of the luxury motorhomes that are readily available these days, you can make sure that you enjoy a summer of road trips [...]

Is A Used Honda Worth The Price?

It is barely more than a year since Honda dramatically withdrew from Formula 1. As it happened it was a fateful decision as they sacrificed the chance to be named champions as Jenson Button stormed to victory in a car reborn with the power of Mercedes. As PR disasters go it was quite a big [...]

A Cheap Used Honda Could Come Back To Haunt You

According to car dealers the recession is meant to last another couple of years – for the car market at least. Despite a pick of sales fuelled by the government’s scrappage scheme, the long term outlook remains uncertain. Dealers are preparing themselves for some challenging times ahead. However, what is bad news for some is [...]

Is A Used Lexus Still Worth The Money?

What a traumatic year it has been for Japanese car manufacturers. Thanks to the scandal of Toyota’s sticking pedal, they’ve all taken a hit on their reputations. The questions everyone wanted to know was how would the news affect the performance of not just the main company, but also its Lexus line. In particular, what [...]

Why a Fibreglass Chassis Will Pay Its Way

Something terrible happened at the weekend. I finally said goodbye to an old faithful friend. For most of the past twenty or so years I’ve been driving a battered old people carrier. Friends have known it in the past as the ‘bang bus’ because of its tendency to go ‘bang’ at the most inopportune moments [...]

How Does A Used BMW Stack Up Against The Competition?

In the early part of this year we saw a significant drop in the number of used car sales in the UK. This was primarily down to the government’s car scrappage scheme which saw more people take the opportunity to take on a brand new vehicle. However, the scheme has come to an end now [...]

The Peugeot Dealership Challenge

This is going to be a challenging year for all car manufacturers but for any Peugeot dealership, the challenge of bringing customers through the doors after the end of the government’s scrappage scheme. With good models now available from rivals such as Renault and Citroen, the challenge to gain the crown at the head of [...]

Finding Outdoor Self Storage Options For RVs

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors through an RV you have so many choices to make when it comes to the size, the number it sleeps, and more. Owning an RV is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in a modern way. Keep an RV packed with all the necessary items so [...]

Avoid Cheap BMW Servicing

When it comes to making repairs, what option should you take? Go with an independent, an approved specialist or stick with the dealer? It’s a difficult decision, but when it comes to BMW servicing the message from the German manufacturer is clear. It wants to encourage its customers to stick with its dealers throughout the [...]

Lexus Dealers Prepare For Tough Fight

It has been a traumatic month for Toyota. The Japanese brand had until recently enjoyed an enviable reputation for reliability. Then came the recall and the brand suddenly became a toxic property. However, for Lexus dealers the main worry will be how these problems will affect them. Toyota’s luxury division has so far been largely [...]

Can Hybrid Lexus Cars Crack The Market?

The time is nearly upon us. The Geneva Motor Show is literally around the corner. Among the many talking points is whether the new hybrid Lexus cars can serve two masters: efficiency and luxury without compromising both. The answer to this question will determine whether it truly can take leadership in its class. The term [...]

Jaguar And BMW Dealerships Battle For High End Consumers

Picture this scene. You’re a self confessed white Van man who has just want a fortune on the Euromillions. That’s what happened to one Brit this month, but the question is, what car should he drive? When quizzed on the matter BMW dealerships must have been licking their lips. That it seemed was the car [...]

New BMW Review

An Exploration of Beauty. That’s the tagline that the new BMW 5 Series is using to lure in the customers. But at a time when the car market is experiencing a shaky recovery at best, competition in the luxury sector has never been more ferocious. New models from Audi and Mercedes are already turning heads. [...]

Lexus Dealerships Seek to Reassure Customers

For Lexus dealerships 2010 is guaranteed to be a big year. On the one hand they’ve been gearing up for a big push, but on the other hand they have to deal with the fallout from the Toyota recall. While their cars have been largely unaffected, they still run the risk of being tarred with [...]

New Lexus Versus BMW

Comfort, speed and fuel efficiency: three words that do not always go together, but that the new Lexus models are determined to combine. The Japanese car maker is looking to refresh its image. However, it faces tough competition from BMW, Audi and Ford. First up is the new Lexus HS 250s. It is a full [...]

Lexus RX Versus Peugeot New Electric Hybrid

Mention the words ‘hybrid 4×4′ and one word enters your head: ‘compromise’. By trying to reconcile two conflicting aims, surely any company risks undermining the entire model. This explains why, when you mention the Lexus RX to any fan of 4×4 motoring, you’ll receive a flurry of expletives. The problem is not so much the [...]

New Challengers To The BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series gets a refresh for 2010, but it faces tough competition in what is an already tough field for the executive class. Mercedes means business with the E Class Coupe. Lexus has aggressive plans in this space, despite the troubles of parent company Toyota and of course there is always the stylish, [...]

Alpha Romeo, Audi and BMW Service

Owners of luxury cars will be familiar with this problem. When it comes to repairs what should they do: use an independent which might offer a cheaper option, or stick with the dealer. It’s a difficult decision and the manufacturer is always on hand with advice. Their opinion – not surprisingly – is that you [...]

From BMW 5 Series To New Mini: Classic Cars Reimagined

Changing the face of icon always presents substantial amounts of risk. No matter how well you make it, there will always be some die hard fans for whom change is always a bad thing. Such was the dilemma faced by Chris Bangle, when he undertook redesigning the face of the BMW 5 Series. In 2005 [...]