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Corporate Video Production for Training

Corporate video production can be a great asset when you are training new employees. By combining today’s high quality technology and professional videographers to provide insight, creating a video to train employees is a great way to make that process more interesting and informative than it has ever been. There are relatively few disadvantages to [...]

Employing A Search Engine

Separate yourself from the constant worriers of the world and just act! It is as easy as saying search engine optimization service. Instead of staying up nights or wasting precious free time thinking about things you could do to improve your online business, leave it in the hands of professionals. Think of it this way [...]

7 Tips for Buying Surgical Supplies and Anesthesia Equipment Online

Surgical supplies can be expensive. In fact, nowadays, if you are in medicine, everything is expensive: expensive for the patients, expensive for the doctors. Costs like health insurance, as well as liability insurance certainly don’t help. Although it’s hard, if not impossible to reduce those costs, there are certain costs you can reduce, like medical [...]

Increase Momentum and Focus With Business Management Training

There is a better than average probability you are employed by one of the three million family operated businesses spanning North America who are not less than twenty years old or older as either an owner, an heir, or possibly a manager. Your economic long term future and that of your family, together with the [...]

Effectively Managing Your Business Waste

Cutting down on the waste that is created in the work place should be a big concern for any business. It is possible to cut down on the amount of waste but there will be waste in the work place no matter what efforts are made to reduce it. It is very important to put [...]

Training Enhances Project Managers

Project Management Training helps professionals with successful management, providing an easily customizable and scalable methodology suitable for the management of all forms of projects. Most management courses emphasis is on dividing work into manageable and controllable stages, its focus on business justification and accountability so return on investment is easily traceable, and a defined organisation [...]

The Future of Retail Centers – Churches, Colleges, Medical

As the American economy has shifted from the glutton-rich to bargain basement investment shoppers, so too have our priorities. A “getting back to basics” mentality is not only sweeping through every household but can be seen in how we choose to spend our money today and tomorrow both in the public and private sectors. As [...]

10 Ways for Managers to Prepare for Interviewing a Job Candidate

Many attorneys and other business owners start interviewing people for a job without clearly understanding what kind of person would best fit into the organization. Hiring is often done out of desperation. The attorney or business owner has a large amount of work to complete and knows he/she can’t get it done on time alone [...]

Changing Role of Industrial Air Conditioners

For most people industrial air con is simply those big metal air conditioners that sit on top of or outside businesses and schools. Most of us give little thought to them and don’t realise how they benefit us and how their roles have changed over the years. The fact is that they serve a couple [...]

Metal Buildings Promote The Green Lifestyle

If you are considering erecting a building in the future, you may want to consider having this building constructed with metal materials. Typically, whenever a contractor begins planning the makeup of a building that they wish to construct, they will want to ensure that the building is durable and can easily be customized to their [...]

Why Solutions Are Better Than Products In Construction Marketing

The construction industry has been through a tough time. Although the bad news about redundancies, job losses and construction companies going bust is beginning to diminish, we are still hearing reports in the press of hard times for the industry. Most construction business owners are waking up to the necessity to have a robust marketing [...]

Eight Essential Keys In Construction Marketing

Here are nine essential keys to the development of a healthy construction business using key concepts in construction marketing. 1. Nurture your existing client base: It is at least 5 times easier to win a new contract from an existing client than to go out and find a new one! That is not to say [...]

What Anger Management Courses Can Do For You

Everyone in the world experiences anger. However, some of us cannot handle our anger in the proper ways. For those individuals that cannot take control of their anger, anger management courses are needed. These courses are typically located at your local Mental Health Clinic, but there may also be other places that they are offered [...]

A Few Things To Consider About Business Taxes

Tax is something that we are unable to avoid no matter where you are located but the tax that we have to pay does vary depending on our circumstances. When it comes to business they can have entirely different tax levels and forms of it that they need to pay so here is some general [...]

Travel Spend Management for Government Contractors/Agencies

Government contracting is a complex activity that can require significant investments in time, people and funding. From large scale, multiple year programs that involve dozens of suppliers to simple, one off projects for a local agency, there is no such thing as a “simple” government project. The same is true for government travel spend management. [...]

The Problem with Current Corporate Travel Programs

Mismanaged travel programs is the sleeping giant in the corporate world. Why? Because most companies have no idea what is a happening with their traveling employees. Most also don’t realize the level of competition in the hotel and airline industries. As one of the most dynamic, ever changing industries in business today, there are new [...]

Improve Travel Spend Management by Applying Procurement Best Practices

Most of us in business understand that a “best practice” is a technique, method or process that is the most effective at solving a particular issue. By using a best practice, a desired outcome can be achieved with fewer complications and your ability to experience a successful outcome is significantly increased. As the most efficient [...]

Improving Your Travel Program: Find the Issues, Put in Controls and Bring Efficiency to the Proce

If you work for a corporation, you know that there are many areas of the business operation that are routinely outsourced. Whether for cost savings or to bring about new efficiencies, these activities are better handled by firms that specialize in the specific activity. Things like customer call centers, collections, marketing collateral design and development [...]

Travel Spend Management for the Education Industry

Whether we are talking about a local school district, community college or major university or college, we know that they rely on public funding for their successful operation. With federal, state and local government budgets in constant fluctuation, it can be a challenge to run our schools at a high level of efficiency. There are [...]

Is Your Corporate Travel Spending out of Control? Gain Insight, Control & Visibility Now!

If the last three years are any indication, things can go wrong very quickly in the business world. Fraught with complexity, interdependency and in some cases, outdated ways of doing things, businesses everywhere can find many areas of inefficiency in their operation, if they simply take the time to analyze the current environment and try [...]