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Family Business Succession Planning Meetings

The family business succession planning process, and it is indeed a process, generally begins when someone has convinced a member of the family to have that first family meeting. The idea, at least in the minds of a few, is that this meeting will set in motion like a snowball rolling down hill, the succession [...]

Family Business Succession, The 7 Simple Keys to Success

From my experience the real family business succession planning issues are not financial, not taxes, they are not business related at all in fact. They are based on your ability or inability to talk with your family members honestly. If you can talk out the issues, concerns, dreams, and assumptions with each and every person [...]

Increase Corporate Momentum and Focus With Business Management Training

There is a better than average probability you are employed by one of the three million family operated businesses spanning North America who are not less than twenty years old or older as either an owner, an heir, or possibly a manager. Your economic long term future and that of your family, together with the [...]

Management Leadership Training – Which Or Both? What Should You Look For?

Many of the management leadership training programs I’ve seen appear to me to be very confused, at least from my perspective as I read their brochures and the objectives they announce as a result of participating in them. Often these programs are described to appeal to companies with clear lines of demarcation between line and [...]

The Optimum Combination For Business Success; Leadership Strategies and Business Management

Are you one of those people who look at leadership strategies and business management separately, as being two different disciplines requiring two different people or perhaps kinds of people? Maybe that’s true for some but, based on the experiences of successful organization leaders, if you want your company to grow and evolve you need to [...]

Do You Know The Often Hidden Qualitys Of Leadership Strategies?

As a leader do you regularly demonstrate empathy, kindness, and commitment in ways that encourage your followers, those people with whom you have a positive productive relationship that allows you and them to accomplish the goals of the organization and the individuals themselves? Historically we’ve pictured successful leaders as General Patton types, with their chrome [...]

Do You Need a Formal Business Leadership Management Process?

The real purpose of any well conceived and professionally delivered business leadership management program or training course is to essentially create an environment where the organization’s leaders and managers are able to make better decisions. Better decisions invariably bring better results. Therefore any activity that enhances the internal managers and leaders up and down the [...]

Leadership Development, A Critical Component in Family Business Success

Every expert says that leadership and business management are the key competencies of 21st Century business leaders. By that I mean every expert that is selling leadership and business management training. Since they are selling it, does that make them an expert or does it make their self-serving assertions about the important of leadership training [...]

Increase Company Traction and Direction Using Business Management Training

You will find there’s a lot better than average probability you are working for one of the several million family owned companies spanning North America that are at least 20 years old or older as either an owner, a successor, or a manager. Your personal long term future and of your family along with the [...]

A Business Strategic Development Mastermind Group

Being the owner of your own business it’s easy to picture yourself alone in a very small boat, rowing gradually across a peaceful body of water. Everything appears okay, nevertheless you keep looking over your shoulder, while you realize you ought to be concentrating on what’s in front of you, asking yourself if there is [...]

What’s Important to You About Leadership and Business Management?

Leadership and business management combines the unique elements of who you are as a person, as someone others will follow and as a manager, making it apparent that you are someone who can lead their followers in the right direction. Because your leadership and business management persona is yours and yours alone, it the only [...]

A Proven Formula For Success

A mastermind group can be a platform for achievement beyond any other. Based on the well established fact that the best decisions we are ever likely to make are those we make in collaboration with people we trust and whose opinions we respect, a mastermind group is the vehicle of choice for successful people everywhere. [...]

How To Make Effective Leadership Decisions

Leadership, by its definition requires good decision making. Making proper decisions can be a stressful and daunting task until you learn the secrets about how to make decisions easily and correctly. In this article we’ll cover some of the misconceptions about leadership and decision making. All of us make decisions daily. If you choose to [...]

The 7 Essential Business Commandments for Entrepreneurs

Thou shall not be bound by form and structure – be innovative, creative and think out of the box! You are an Entrepreneur – you must never run out of new ideas. There are many wannabes out there who would like to be known as a businessman but lack the right attitudes to succeed. If [...]

Top 5 Team-Building Ideas for Corporate Travel

Traveling can be a lot of fun and most people enjoy it, but when it comes to traveling for a job sometimes it feels as if the fun is sucked out of the experience. You can change corporate extended stay ventures from feeling so uptight and structured as well as work on some essential team [...]

Teaching Your Children to be the Leaders of Your Family

Children are such a unique and special group of people. They’re bold characters, strong personalities, and bundles of joy. But what makes them so unique, is that people often see them as what they will achieve in the future, rather than what they’re like now. This is a very rare occurrence. When relatives see a [...]

Mental Models And How They Can Change Your Life

Why should mental models matter to you? Your ability to perform and achieve is determined by your mental models. Mental modeling will give you significant business advantage. The way you see the world is based on the mental model you are operating. You don’t see the world as it really is but based on your [...]

The Importance of Leadership For New Franchises

There have been hundreds of theories and books written on what constitutes effective leadership. My work with many franchise opportunities, both good and not so good, has led me to the conclusion that effective leadership is the single most important factor in the long-term success of a new franchise network. When you strip away the [...]

Will You Thrive or Dive as an Effective Leader in the Next Decade?

Leadership is an incredibly fickle subject. It is as hard to pin down a definition for the subject, as it is to develop an effective leadership style. However, will this hinder us in creating a ‘leadership forecast’ over the coming decade? I don’t think so. As we entered the decade, several strong leaders had emerged [...]

Leadership Under Pressure: How to Lead Well in a Recession

Leadership, some say, is rather easy in good times. Delegate fully, let the reigns become loose, and let peoples passion for their work manifest straight into the bottom line. Indeed, for most of the 20th Century so far, leaders have been able to use this ‘good times’ approach to lead vast businesses through plenty of [...]