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Tips on How to Attract Venture Capital

Anytime is a challenge for entrepreneurs looking for venture capital but now even more so. Competition is fierce and the jousting for the prize of venture capital funds bloodier. To make your quest for capital a little more bullet proof, we asked venture capitalists across the country what advice they would give to entrepreneurs looking [...]

How Do Investors Value Start-up companies?

Entrepreneurs and investors, both venture capitalists and angel (private) investors have very different perspectives when it comes to determining the value of an early stage company. Contrary to what a number of entrepreneurs think, investors aren’t greedy, manipulative, vultures — well, most of them aren’t anyway. So how do VCs and angel investors come up [...]

Here’s Why Angel Investors Say No to Entrepreneurs

Angels, or private investors, invest more money in more companies at an earlier stage than venture capitalists. They are the lifeblood for seed and start-up businesses. Why do they say no? Angels Just Don’t Get ItEntrepreneurs who face rejection by angel investors often blame it on the angels: those investors cannot understand my wonderful technology, [...]

Looking For An Angel — Investor That Is: Know What You’re Looking For

Entrepreneurs always need additional capital for their company. Friends and family have already contributed, the company doesn’t qualify for traditional bank loans, and venture capitalists aren’t interested. So what can an entrepreneur do? Look for an angel investor. Angel investors are private individuals who invest their own money. In contrast venture capitalists invest money they [...]

Business Plan Samples, Writing a Business Plan

Business plans are all about results. You must match the content of your business plan with the purpose the business plan is meant to fulfil. Never accept a standard business plan just because it’s convenient. A business plan is a plan that makes your business move forward, allows you to plan the allocation of resources, [...]

Things To Consider In Buying A Real Estate

You have been living in an apartment for quite a long time and the rates increase each year. Then you get a good raise from work. Now is the time to move out! You can start shopping for houses to find the one that suits you best. First, you need to know what to look [...]

Finding A Good Real Estate Location

Location is an important indicator of the price of the property. Though you are in the same subdivision, the price of the lot varies depending on its position from the main road. Residential homes in urban areas are more expensive than in the rural areas. As location does matter in real estate, we want to [...]

Auto Dealership Funding Is Still The Life Line Of The Industry

I can remember my earlier days standing on my car lot hoping, praying and waiting for a customer to pull in. Back then you may have had 5 auto dealerships all on the same side of the highway; competition has always been very intense. With every type of promotion you could imagine focused at potential [...]

Important Concepts Of Initial Public Offering / IPO Investing Strategies

Are you searching for the most profitable avenues of investment that are available to you today? Are you wondering which stocks hold the most promise? Are you also hoping to avoid facing any issues due to overpriced stocks? If you are searching for the perfect type of stock to invest into, you should certainly seek [...]